I Can’t Change The Ignorance!

Ok, I’m new to this blogging thing so take your time with me and give me feedback so that I know how to improve and so on.. I really hope you like it and I’ll try to keep it up to date as often as possible.. Lastly thankyou for visiting 😀 mwah x


I look around me and what I see frustrates me. We are a confused and misled generation and what makes matters worse is that we are content and comfortable with being like this. I do not want to generalise because there are others who educate themselves and try to escape the stereotypes and stigma that follow us but for every intellectual person who represents our generation there are up to ten ignorant and naive persons who outnumber us..

My analysis of females – Embarassment fi ah gyal

Females nowadays just don’t respect themselves. They shout ‘5 star chick/bitch’ believing that having tight clothes, hair, nails and make-up done will make up for the little self-esteem that they have. If you don’t respect yourself then who will? They’re so busy trying to impress males, guys are not idiots (well not all of them anyways), they are able to tell the difference between a girl and a woman. I see females who place the emphasis on their age as if this is a representation of their maturity. No. Stop fooling yourselves, I am only 20 but have come across grown woman who behave childish, and dare I say it, stupid and even though I am younger I am able to point out their faults. I look at a lot of females and become tempted to ask them all the same question; who are you living your life for? If I didn’t know any better it would seem as though the only way you can build your confidence and self esteem is by attracting the opposite sex’s attention. This cannot be described as living for yourself, self confidence, self esteem, self respect all have one thing in common, S E L F. The worst thing about this situation is that most of the females that suffer from the symptoms I’ve acknowledged above have managed to convince themselves that they are God’s gift. How can you insult another female using curse words that could easily be related to you. How can you mock another females looks when you yourself are actually the most ugly within and lastly how can you moan about males being good for nothing when they are the focus of your attention and you focus on gaining their attention on a daily basis.

Another point is all the ‘modelling’ I’m seeing. There is a thick black distinctive line between modelling, glamour modelling and letting a photographer exploit you so that he can see you naked. Ladies I cannot fault women like Katie Price who although started off glamour modelling and has made her fortunes by making good business decisions and knowing what she wanted in life but for those dropping they’re skirts for a profile picture or to gain males attention, I’m sorry but, I don’t appreciate it. As soon as a guy clicks on to your profile all he sees is breasts and bottom and you may not like it but that’s all he sees for the duration of the time that he converses with you. Do not call yourself a model if you do not plan to take the hobby/career seriously, it is an insult to those who are struggling to get into that particular industry.

I don’t want to spend all my time venting about females, as I’ve said before it’s not all of them just the majority. The last problem I want to address is the amount of females that are willing to open their legs for guys that don’t respect them and then wonder why they always get the bad guys. The usual excuses are;

‘Nah I’m only beating cos he sponsors me’ – so then you’re a prostitute?

‘I know he cheats on me but I’m the wifey’ – do you have an STD yet?

‘I’m pregnant for him now’ – do you think that baby is going to make him LOVE and stay with YOU?

‘He’s an idiot but he’s sexy’ – A shallow personality equals a weak personality.

‘He loves me he just doesn’t know it yet’ – so how long are you willing to wait because he doesn’t look like he’s willing to settle down anytime soon.

If every man you have been with has given you problems it’s time to look in the mirror because whether you like it or not the problem begins with you. It may be the impression that you’re giving off or a bad choice in men but either way it begins with you. This ties back to my idea of self respect, if you’re used to being treated badly by the opposite sex you become complacent and believe that’s all you’re worth. He can read off of you what you expect of him and he initially knows he doesn’t have to try as hard to keep you, he then slips into the role of your ex, the ex before that and the ex before that.

My analysis of males

Guys Guys Guys, where do I start? Lol. I’ve grown up around boys and surround myself with boys because I feel they are more real than females. I know certain guys are reading this and thinking ‘heard it all before’ but I have nothing to prove I’m just telling you how it is. I know your tricks and games before you try to initiate them on but sadly a lot of females don’t.

The first thing I’m going to address is this idea that it’s cool to poke any hole as long as it’s a vagina. I’ve had male friends tell me that they’re trying to build up a “portfolio” of females. By all means have your fun but understand this, when you’re looking to settle down with a decent wife type she’s not going to respect you or your penis due to the diseased rusted over used buckets it has entered. If your whole “portfolio” consists of ‘hoes’ no decent female is going to take you seriously. In her eyes you are just another ‘walking STD’. Also if you respect yourself why not make it a habit to respect the pum pum you are putting your penis in also. What would you rate more: a portfolio full to the brim of filthy, dirty females or a portfolio a quarter full of sexy, sophisticated, respectful women?

Which male decided that it was ok to tell females they love them in order to get them into bed and have sexual relations? How is this method of sex even accepted in modern society? When you’re young it is fine to make mistakes as you have to learn by trial and error but surely at this age we have matured to understand that ‘I love you’ is not only 3 words and has a much stronger meaning then its connotation. Males use this trick and then wonder why the girl turns psycho and ends up trying to trap him with a baby. Two wrongs don’t make a right but you know you deserve it. Schoolboy antics.

Last but not least, guys you complain about females who are ‘gassed’ but is it not you that purposely gasses them in an attempt to get what you want. Sexy, choong and wifey material are just some of the terms which are used loosely just to have sex but then you complain when the girl then turns round believing she is too good for you. Just like telling a girl you love her when you know it is not true do not say something which you do not believe. You get the sex and then what? She could be the worst sexual encounter you’ve ever had but you’ve gassed her into believing she can knock any man back including you if you were to ask again.

Enough ranting for my 1st day of blogging lol, enjoy!

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Change The Ignorance!

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  2. Nillz Marco says:

    Points I agree with but I think you haven’t taken into account the righteous ones.

    I think there will always be girls and guys that act up but if you know what you want be it a beat or a wifey I guess you know where to look.


  3. StrawberryiCe says:

    This is good 4 ur first blog… U wen in fully. But yh i agree wit nillz not all girls n guys r like that but the fact that its most is jus not even serious… But i think if a girl wants more than just 2 b mash n dash then she has 2 learn to keep her legs closed like u sed..give the guy a challenge n stop making it so dyam easy


  4. James Gravell says:

    This is quite a deep blog, Mel. A lot of what you say is true. Unfortunately, this is how our society has grown – to the point that sex is now far too casual. 9/10 times the douche will get the girl, ’cause the nice guy is more often than not shoved out of the way. Same goes the other way, the girl with her legs open will score with the nice guy, ’cause in general, that’s what guys want.
    As with all societies these days, all the nice people are overshadowed by the outspoken moral-free, for want of a better word, fuckers.
    The image our generation upholds, is of the “Porn” era. With porn so accessible these days guys watching are pretty much told what the “perfect” woman is supposed to look like. And in order to get these narrow-minded mens attention, the women of our generation are almost forced to compete with this.
    Another thing, is that these days the younger generations opinion of love is far too miscontrued – you ask a 17 – 22 year old man what he wants in a woman, and more often than not his reply will be almost completely aesthetic, same the other way round, but perhaps less so.
    Unfortunately, education seems increasingly sparce, not neccesarily the number of degrees being recieved, but in casual conversation. The rocketing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the demise of blogsites like LiveJournal and Tumblr has also altered the intelligence of the users going on. As instead of posting lengthy journalistic blogs, society finds it much more interesting and “cool” to have “real-time” status updates.

    A good attack on society for your first blog, Look forward to reading another.

    There’s my 2 cents right there. : )


  5. PrInCeSS Lee says:

    Good blog mel mel! i know where your coming from as i know both me and you have experienced young people around us that we know acting up like this!…not naming any names! I think at times young people just get caught up with what everyone else is doing and feel that they need to act and dress a certain way to attract the opposite sex…and it’s so sad to see young girls showing off all their assets to guys they hardly know before they have even had a date! Just hope in the future we treat our kids to have some sort of decorum!


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