My Summer Anthem! UK Stand Up..

Nowadays all the music I hear is comercialised and heavily manufactured by the record companies releasing them.  Such artists as Tinchy and Tempah have made it seem as though thats the only way to become successful in the UK, and even US, charts.  So its refreshing when I hear something original, unsigned and unique whilst mellow at the same time.  With Sneakie Sly on the beat, Jully Julz singing and Glydez rapping it sounds like the perfect combination to put into your CD player whilst driving with the rooftop down or even just for a ‘jamming’ session in your room. My summertime anthem..

Interested in hearing more from these talented unsigned artists?..

3 thoughts on “My Summer Anthem! UK Stand Up..

  1. Michael Rhodes says:

    Hello my name is Michael Rhodes the CEO of B-Side Records from the USA. The UK has some good artist.
    I have taked with an artist from the UK about signing with my Label and the artist just brushed me off. I think she missed the big picture she said that she could make her owen CDs and sell them. A label is more then that and B-Side is in the USA. UK artist you have to be open and network remeber this “The elevator to success is out of order today. You are going to have to take the stairway, one step at a time.”
    B-Side Records is an independent label here in the USA and for a UK artist this is a great way to get your music out to a new audience we can get you on the radio in the USA.
    Contact B-Side Records and make your dreams happen.

    Phone: 617-905-1480
    Skype: mrhodes1001


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