Unsigned Hype!

The UK is so under rated when it comes to musical talent as the country is so small and lives in the United States of America’s shadow, but isn’t it time for a change?  You have artists such as Estelle, Craig David and Giggs breaking into the overseas market so what’s holding the UK back?

I’ve seen unthinkable signings, for example; Jay-Z signing Lady Sovereign.  I really and truly think the unwillingness of artists promoting one another and the fans who refuse to buy their music and would prefer to download do not understand how much of an impact they are having to the UK music industry.  You could have 5 million fans but only 10 of them purchase your CD and the rest illegally download, how is that supporting UK music?

Artists such as Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Strider I cannot fault as theyre success is now going global with the help of P Diddy placing them on his ‘Hello Goodmorning’ UK remix but it made me think, these two artists are not the best that the UK has to offer and yet they are the two that are representative of us right now up to the point that a music mogul has even noticed them.

Also I’ve clocked a lot of artists who are now only making commercial music in order to follow pursuit of celebs such as N-Dubz, Tinchy and Stryder.  This defeats the whole object of trying to show the other continents what we the UK are about especially if we all sound the same o_O

We need to relise that the only way we’re going to be able to expand our horizons and showcase the talent we have to offer is to work with one another.  I’ve taken it upon myself to show you just some of the UK artists that I think deserve recognition for their talent and I hope to see up in lights some day.

GLYDEZ – Quoted ‘I Cannot Be Categorised’.

Glydez, who some of you may know better as Glyda, is not new to the music scene and no one  can dispute that his talent could not be spotted from his early days.  After removing himself from the music scene for a while he has now released a mixtape which to me sets the bar high even just as a comeback mixtape.  You can tell by the quality of music that he is a hard worker and takes this seriously.  You don’t have to take my word for it just watch the video below.

SNEAKIE SLY – Quoted ‘Versatility is my best ability’

Sneakie sly is a producer that has what I call ‘effortless talent’.  The ability to make music from nothing.  Using a program which most producers slate Sneakie has produced many bangers including many on Glydes mixtape, including ‘Money is the motive’ above.  Just like his quote implies he experiments with a lot of different genres; R’n’B, soulful house, Hip hop, pop, etc.  Judge for yourself.

PRISCILLA – Quoted ‘I love and have a passion for singing and songwriting’

A young female artist that needs a lot of recognition for the talent she holds especially at her age.  Singers that havn’t been vocally trained but yet can sing in perfect pitch need to be rewarded, especially after seeing some talentless fool (Shardinay) receiving so much publicity even though she is awful, I think she needs to learn a thing or two off of Priscilla.  Watch out for Priscilla because I guarantee you will be seeing her on your TV screens very soon.

BLACK ICE – Quoted ‘Black Ice has merged all genres to create a new form of House entitled “Loko House’

Producer/songwriter Black Ice, first caught the House scene’s attention with ‘Oh So Loko’ released early 2010.  Black Ice began to play with all the genres which fell under house and decided to fuse them to give a different sound.  What this guy has done in a small amount of time is unmissable and cannot be disregarded, he has started his own genre of music which he has named ‘Loko House’.

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