Just a lil poem..

Guys bare in mind that this poem was written a while ago, I had to change the age to make it appropriate to the present day lol.  I do write quite a lot but have never been brave enough to show the world so here it goes..

I know they say I’ve got a rebellious streak

But I refuse to give in & be looked on as weak

My stubborness doesn’t always help me

But I’m surrounded by dictation & it gets 2 me

Rules, Codes, Law – I don’t need ’em

Arguments, Pain, Fights – I fiend for dem

It’s got so bad I’m tryna escape reality

Dats not a metaphor I’m tryna leave da matrix behind me

I’m only 20 yet I’m scared to make friends

Backstabbers, Snakes, I keep askin when does it end

Well boy I’ve relised no happy endings here

So I’ma do all I can to ensure I don’t drown in my tears

Feds, Gangs, Pricks – I dont need ’em

Weed, Alcohol, Sex – I fiend 4 dem

I will never try to glorify my life

I’ve tried to pick up the bible and praise the most high

But how can you expet me 2 praise a man I’ve never seen

Who was introduced to me by “white devils” during slavery

They sang of unity, equality and beauty

But yet had us sold on ‘cos we were black to the core darkies

I could never disrespect my home ‘cos I live comfortably

But everytime I step out into the real world pain is all I see

Black nights followed by white days

Dis is the cycle we get up, we get knocked down again

Because of these facts I’ve become mentally trapped

Don’t wanna leave my yard ‘cos i don’t know if I’ll get back

Piff, Crow, Food – I fiend 4 ’em

Reality, Life, it hurts so i don’t need ’em

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