Natural Beauty

As a female who doesn’t wear make-up, I struggle to understand when some tell me that its a necessity.  You were born without it so why cant you live without it.  Up until recently I hadn’t acknowledged the power of make-up and what it can do.  A lot of females when stripped of their make-up start to look drained and ghost like, I don’t know whether this is the after affect of wearing so much make-up or this is what they actually looked like before.

Ladies, guys are starting to pick up on these habits now, they are becoming very critical although it is understandable that they don’t want to bed beauty and wake up to the beast.  I chose to do this post as I wanted to show females that the people you look up to and copy in order to look “better” actually look worse off than you when natural and guys you say you dislike females that cake themselves in make-up but are you aware that the female celebs you fantasize of would never catch your eye if walking down your local high street natural.

I don’t have nothing against make-up but I feel that a woman should be comfortable in her own skin before relying on it.  Heres some examples of people you would never dream of looking “rough”.

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After seeing this every females confidence should be restored, if you can look in a mirror without saying ‘eurgh’ than you have no problem.  Looking like a clown will not help your situation, pretend beauty spots, coloured contact lenses, foundation 2 shades lighter than your own skin are not necessities.

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