Why friends and partners will never get along…

Ever wondered why the relationship between your partners and your friends always gets destroyed somehow or ceases to exist in the first place.  I hope I’m not the only one to see this constant pattern in relationships but I think I finally understand it.

I am guilty of disliking my friends’ partners also so I’m able to look at it from both points of view.  Let me conduct a few questions to get you thinking..

When you want to complain about your partner who do you go to?

When you want to praise your partner who do you go to?

When in the middle of a fallout who do you run to?

When the realtionship feels like it’s venturing into honeymoon period again who do you go to?

If my theory is right the answer to the negative questions will result in your friend/s name, those that are positive will result in no-one’s name.  We have a tendancy of needing someone when times are bad, someone who will allow you to get everything off your chest without judging you and who is also on your side.  When times are good we need not go to our friends for counselling because you are happy.  Conclusion; Your friends only hear the worst about your partner and thats the image they draw up of that person.  To prevent this from happening you just have to separate ur friendship from your relationship.

Funny thing is we are quick to become upset when the shit hits the fan but we are the only ones blame.  How many times have you heard of someone trying to interfere in your relationship whilst you believe it is none of their business and they shouldn’t judge as they are unaware of what happens behind closed doors, but you have to think, what have they heard.  Chances are that someone in your relationship has leaned on their shoulder and only given half of the story.  *Shrugs*

Who wants to argue with my theory?

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