Swagger Jacking

I’m certain that those who know me know where I stand when it comes to the Lil Kim VS. Nicki Minaj debate. I initially disliked Nicki when she first popped up on the scene, I refused to acknowledge her talent because I didn’t like the image she was portraying and what it was doing to these impressionable females. If only you knew how much it grinded my gears to see basic b*tches screaming that they’re barbies after they can’t even afford a barbie doll 4 their pickney.. But after a while I couldn’t escape from this blown up plastic real life doll, her music’s everywhere and I started to listen.. I appreciate her talent and the buzz she’s created in the lead up to her album but from the very beginning I heard Lil Kim influences in her flow and delivery. If u watch her underground vids where she jumps on Biggy and Lil Kims instrumentals it’s evident who she was inspired by.


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So what’s the problem?

When asked which female rappers/artists inspired her she replied NO-ONE! PAY RESPECT WHERE IT’S DUE! you’re not the first female rapper to exist so u obviously was inspired by someone..

My take on Lil Kim?!? I gotta pay homage to the Queen B. She’s the original! Barbie, that was her thing. Surgery, she jus done it at a date where it wasn’t as advanced which is why she resembles a Jackson sister. The colorful wigs, de javu! At the same time I think she needs to recognize that the scenes changed, she done this years ago. She should be laughing this off rather than trying 2 challenge Nicki.

I’ll let u lot watch and decide for yourselves..







One thought on “Swagger Jacking

  1. MrKookies says:

    Most nicki minaj fans are born in the 90s so have no clue of Lil Kims Legacy. To be frank! Lil Kim wasn’t all that as an artist! Though in her time was the hottest thing. Her time is gone. Nicki Minaj now has a chance as this is her time. It’s childish from Lil Kim to be saying shit like ‘Ohh she copying me’ Like really?

    It’s very clear it is a plagiarism act from Nicki Minaj and they say copies never last because the original has the natural extinct to go on and on. Soon Minaj will change it up and i wonder how many fans or followers will remain.

    In truth rappers like Lauryn Hill and Floetry duo are the kind of female rappers women should listen to rather than all this ‘Black barbie b****’ talk which is ridiculous

    Minaj is a gimmick and a well thought out one because it makes her seem relevant for todays market, which is why Lil Kim will only fail if she attempts a comeback.
    Her buzz is a more a match stick than a lighter. You can’t control the flame once its gone Nicki Minah & Lil Kim need to realise this. Anywho im just waiting for the next female rapper to come out. When you scream that your the best, you will always have haters and competition trying to knock you off the top.

    Who’s Next?


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