A sneak preview of my short story..

“Fuck off!”, she laughed uncontrollably after hearing the words which had just left his mouth. “You are too funny, some any comedian”, her laughter faded. “Nah let’s be serious now, what did you want to tell me?”. Her stunning smile had still not left her face, her two dimples denting her cheeks.

“Babes…. I wasn’t joking…. I have a baby…. You have to believe me, I didn’t even know she was pregnant. It was before we got together. I’ve never and will never cheat on you”. He swallowed hard in an attempt to buy time. He searched his brain for words and sentences that would reassure Jayda and let her know everything would be alright but his mind was blank. “Jayda! Talk to me or at least look at me…. This doesn’t change anything between me and y-”

“Don’t even go there! Everything’s changed!”, she surprised herself with the emotion which latched itself to her last statement. She was trying to make sense of the situation. She was definitely not calm. She, just like Ayden, could not find the words to explain how she felt. Pain, anger, sadness, confusion. She looked up as if the ceiling held an answer to her new found problem and fought back the tears. Still looking up, she asked, “How old is the baby?”.

“She’s four months old…. I haven’t even seen her. I don’t want to see her….”, he paused ashamed of what he’d just said but it was the truth. He’d been with Jayda for just over a year now. It had been the best time of his twenty-one years. Now a child, he didn’t even know if the child was his, had appeared from nowhere threatening to destroy the best thing that had ever happened to him. He had been raised by a strong single woman but despite that he had always missed a father figure in his life. His father was very much still alive, probably busy producing more little half brothers and sisters that Ayden would never meet let alone know about, but was never present in his life. He didn’t want to turn out like that, he wanted his wife to be the mother of his children, not have them scattered about the world only knowing the love of a mother. “I don’t know what Erica’s play-“.

“ERICA! ERICA!”, Jayda couldn’t hide the pain she was feeling. As if a knife had entered her back and was being wriggled to torture her. He knew how much she hated Erica, how could this have happened. She fell to the floor in disbelief, she felt as though she wouldn’t stop crying until her tears were bankrupt. “Ayden! Why? Why her?”, she stopped to try and regain composure as Ayden came down to her level to try and comfort her. “you’re telling me she was breeding for YOU, carried YOUR child for nine months, pushed the baby out and didn’t tell YOU anything! How do you expect me to believe this?”

“Jayda, I swear I only found out two days ago! I wanted to tell you straight away but it sounds dodgy and I don’t know for sure if she’s mine, I didn’t want to worry you. But I didn’t want anyone else to tell you. You think that I’d throw this away for Erica. I’ve been avoiding her since she tried to get fresh and ring your phone. Babes I promise you I’ve been left in the dark as much as you have”. He reached out his hand to grab hers. She pulled away abruptly and as if a button had been pressed, she broke down once again. It only hurt him more. Erica was enough to make any man give up on hope, the future, the female race and as if that didn’t satisfy her, she now wanted to ruin Ayden’s life. Erica was well known. The girls around the area had nicknamed her ‘man t’ief’. If she liked someone then she’d make that someone hers and no-one could get in her way. She’d never had a problem with her methods until she met Ayden.

“Do the dates match up?… Do the dates match up to when you had sex with her?”, Jayda needed answers.

“Honestly… I don’t know, my minds scrambled by this madness, can’t think straight, can’t remember straight. I don’t feel like I’m gaining anything, I feel like I’m losing everything… Babes, I know that I love you”. He reached for her hand again, this time she responded by holding his hand. He watched her long and hard trying to read how she was feeling. Her beautiful milk chocolate skin wrinkling at the forehead. Her lips trembling. Her light brown eyes now red and puffy from the constant flow of tears. Her naturally long and curled eyelashes clumped. She looked at him and arose from the floor without a warning.

“This is too much”, she said as she hurriedly put on her coat and left his flat. Ayden didn’t even try to stop her. He thought the best thing would be to give her space, but as time went by and Ayden continued to stay in the same place Jayda had left him, he couldn’t stop wondering whether she’d just walked out of his flat or walked out of his life. Click the link for Part 2 of the story


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