My Weekly “Don’t Sleep On”s..

Black Ice

There’s not much more I can say on this particular multi talented songwriter/producer. I’ve introduced you all to him previously on my blog. If you’re a house lover and didn’t fancy taking my advice the first time round, here is a chance to redeem yourself. He has recently released a free (yes I said free) mix CD which brilliantly showcases exactly what he can do and guess what, I’ve hooked you lot up!

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Click the link below..

Sly Beats UK

Also I have a couple instrumentals to listen to, so all rappers, singers, MC’s and poets need to take note! This is also someone who I have previously introduced to you and his work only gets better and better. I’m slightly biased about all of my “Don’t sleep on” selection so you can be the judge.

Randy Valentine

Randy, my cousin, is creating quite a buzz on the UK music scene. Born and raised in Jamaica but now living in The UK, Randy has the ability to incorporate both cultures into his music which is what makes him unique. Also his voice is different as well, with a slight husk and mellow tone to it. He has already worked with the likes of Jamaican artists Busy Signal, Assassin, Shabba Ranks, Gyptian, Yammi Bollo and Ghanaian artists RUFF N SMOOTH. He is here to conquer the UK, take a look.

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