Lost Generation!

15 year old boy dead from stab wounds in Edmonton.  It is rumored that he lost his life because of a madness between his gang and a next or over a blackberry.  Now what? The boys that are guilty will get picked up as soon as 'cos these yutes don't have no sense, either that or they jus don't care!  On a busy road and you don't think you'll get caught, one of your bredrins will get caught and sing the whole gangs tag and birth certificate names like say his name is Mariah Carey.  The boy was with his younger brother and none of those boys conscience kicked in.  The boys involved, how many of their "gang" do you think will write them or visit them in jail, honestly.  I know not 2 believe the media cos I've been there trust me, but it's plain to see whatever the hype it wasn't worth losing his life.
5 year old girl shot in her relative's off licence. I drove past the shop in Stockwell just the other day and I swear my heart sank. It's obvious that the 13-15 year old "eediots" were not aiming for the little girl but you can't help but hope they don't get a lenient judge. These little boys are quick to pick up a "strap". I've seen a gun, I've held a gun and all now I can't see what the hype is. What these kids need to learn is that someone who is knowledgable about the components of a gun and knows how to use it, can use it as a weapon. A 15 year old who bought a gun yesterday, doesn't know how to aim & doesn't know the full force of the gun is a hazard to society. I can only imagine that these kids were just "bussin' shots" left right & centre & didn't even take note of the innocent bystanders. Too much Grand Theft Auto?!
Also I just want to say, this skunk is too strong for these kids, I slyly think that's why half of them move so off-key, they smoke everyday pretending to be big people these times they're moving backwards in life. It's hard nowadays to find someone under the age of 16 that can tell you they're ambitions and dreams and who also doesn't smoke. They have no ambition anymore. Kids having kids and demonstrating perfectly to their kids how to be a kid and have a kid and that's not to all young mothers because I have friends Who I admire greatly for still chasing their dreams after giving birth and setting a good example. It's becoming a regular occurrence now which then becomes a cycle. The easy lifestyle where you can relate to your parent as a friend, smoke with them & drink with them before the age of 18, have all your friends over in your open house to smoke & drink also. Hahaha & that brings me nicely onto the subject of young girls not respecting themselves. Yessss I know I've ranted about this before but I saw a video earlier today that made me laugh with sorrow and yes it is possible. Miss OGniki. The 17 year old who I suspect was exposed and decided to address these issues with song, has now baited herself to the whole of the UK. Well done girl! Let me enlighten you of the key points in her "proud to be promiscuous at the age of 17" song. Sooooo, she lost her virginity at 16 meaning all the content of the song happened in the space of a year. She's proud of a blue video which was made which stars her and SIX MAN!!! I didn't even look for that, not interested in watching a sausage factory surrounding a piggy In the middle. Oh and she also tells everyone there is no point in trying to tell her mother because she's already aware of what her daughter gets up to. Is this life? Worst still she possesses no talent!
The joke is this is the 'norm', its 'casj'. The only time it hits home for these youths is when its someone close or in the case of Loosey Loose up there, when someone exposes them.

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