They don’t know what I’m capable of
Producing words of inspiration
Seeds of imagination
which is often portrayed as destruction
Faulted by the way I choose to converse and walk
Won’t be accepted by the people I have to impress
Unless I alter the way I talk
But scared to adapt because I fear the word change
Don’t want to lose the real me in my search for success
A meeting with the devil 2 sell my soul, arrange
Something else and tell em I refuse to be moulded
I refuse to be a ploy to help desensitize society
I’m not sex, I’m not war, I am not one track minded
If you listen 2 me & understand me
I am not twitter, you don’t have to follow me
Although I’m tryna update my status in life u don’t have to like me
Just showing the world I have more to offer than these barbies
Plastic, I’m allergic 2 it can’t fake it
Relying on my female assets won’t make it
Talking bout sex means that’s all you see wen u talk 2 me
Look elsewhere if your looking for promotional promiscuity
No cover-ups, no photoshop, no auto tune just me
I’ll wake the world up one day with my revelations
Payback for all u mother fuckers I told not 2 sleep on me
Enlightening the people who only see red
Waste of investment those rose colored glasses
Once you take em off u relise the worlds almost dead
Future generations proud that they are bi-lingual
But they only speak fluent sex, drugs and violence
The systems we have in place aren’t durable
Built in a way to make our kids misinformed
Unable to tackle Goliath if u have no stones
Unable to part the seas if no divide is formed
They strive to achieve what isn’t even real
Brainwashed into chasing a dream which will stay a fantasy
We’re living in a world where in order to be noticed u gta be shit
Do nothing smart and become another statistic
Say something dunce to gain attention
People think you planned it and enhance your wit
Falsely boosting and caressing your ego
Allow you to believe that you are the shit

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