Stacks, Rose & Kardashian

Role Models

This post is for all you Amy Stacks, Sarah Roses and Shaniqua Kardashians. Do u realize who’s surname you are displacing your own with? Why do they deserve the right?

If you have Stacks placed somewhere in your profile name all hope is lost for you. Occupation; stripper, professional groupy. A woman who’s fame blossomed from tacky yet cocky kiss and tell sex stories with rappers. Don’t even read any further. Rose. Do not fall for the slightly more glamorous mask. Yes, I salute that she has been spotted by Ford but her fame skyrocketed because of her high profile relationship with Kanye West. Girls is this what you admire? Why would you want someone else to be able to say they are the reason you are where you are. Thats exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian recently. I saw a video in which Ray J was being interviewed and basically said he created her, he is the only reason why she is famous. Now we all know that Kim’s father is well known due to his friendship and role he took on for OJ Simpson in courts, but what has Kim done? Doesn’t Ray J have the right to claim her fame? Now dont get me wrong, I don’t believe all three females are on the same level and I don’t believe that all three planned this but either way what is it that you admire about these women. I’ve tried to understand and the only thing I can think of is that you crave the red carpet treatment and celeb lifestyle , I.e. Looking beautiful all the time which is not humanely possible, that you don’t even think about how that person got there and what it took to be there. These women are not your role models they are idols. Why not use inspirational women instead, some Winfrey’s or Clinton’s.

2 thoughts on “Stacks, Rose & Kardashian

  1. imjustsayin says:

    I totally share the same sentiments..the term Celebrity is no longer synonymous with talent but rather perceived beauty and bizarre behaviour…..this millennium sucks!!!


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