A quick post for the girls…

OK, I know I’m no fashionista but I regard myself to be rather stylish, just someone who doesn’t like to follow fashion but create it.  I wish I was a lot bolder with my decisions when it comes to clothing but London is a difficult place to be bold in if you don’t really particularly want to be noticed.  With that said, you can ask anyone that knows me, I fear walking into a room or any public space for that matter where someone could be wearing the same item of clothes as me.  I just dislike being the “same”.  I don’t even allow my mum to buy the same things she buys me for my sister, I detest it.  I like my footwear exclusive at the least…

However, there are some trends which capture my eye and I will customize them until they reflect my persona (what the hell is she going on about?). Lol.  Let me just get on with it, I don’t think I can blag my way through fashion.  So my attention right now is focused on monochrome and aztec prints.  I love the contrast of the colors black and white when used together and have tried to venture from this color scheme when picking clothes due to fears of looking dull, but the printing on leggings has excited me (No, I’m not having an orgasm over clothes).  Bold but simple, quite similar to the aztec designs which are more abstract.  Girls, I am going to offer the places in which you can purchase my new loves as long as they dont get played out!

Motel Aztec Jersey Zoe Dress £18.00 http://www.asos.com

ASOS Aztec Print Jersey Mini Skirt £14.00 http://www.asos.com

ASOS Monochrome Pattern Knitted Leggings £22.00 http://www.asos.com


Oasis Geo Monochrome Legging £35.00 http://www.asos.com

OiOi Hobo Slouch Bag Ethnic Monochrome £89.95 http://www.preciouslittleone.com

Loool the funny thing is the bag is a baby changing bag but I love the way it looks, I’d buy it anyways, may come in handy one day..

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