Mind Over Matter

I believe that everything in this world can be overcome by the mind. Faith is what keeps us alive and motivated. When I refer to faith I don’t mean just religion, which is the largest example of faith, but I mean in regards to success in life and finding our way out of demotivational and life altering situations. I think that the moment you stop fighting and believe that there’s no way to find a positive in your particular situation then it all begins to go downhill.

How can the way you think or what you believe make you a success?! Life is designed in a way in which you can’t avoid being knocked down or rejected and it becomes a cycle. The strength of your faith is tested as it can leave you feeling as though there’s no way out or life is just out to get you. Nothing in life comes easy, whatever your aspiration and ambition, you have to fight in order to get there. Those that are stronger willed and can envision their future will refuse to back down, their faith may falter as we are only human but they will always fight back until they reach their desired career or goal.

So you think everyone has to have faith in order to become a success?
I think that everyone has to truly believe in their dreams in order to make them a reality. You have to believe you can grasp something in order to reach it.

How do you know if you have enough faith?
I don’t think there is a way of knowing the strength of your faith until you look back at past experiences and acknowledge the amount of times you have arose from a bad situation. Belief is so powerful it can make you believe your of ill health when you’re actually healthy or allow your body/brain to do things which seem impossible. This also brings me on to religion, my views on religion are quite controversial and that is not what I want for this post so I’ll try to exclude my personal opinion, but we pray about what we want to improve in life, or things that we want to happen for either us or others that we know or are suffering. When we see our prayers answered we look towards God/s thus restoring our faith. If you believe all your prayers will be answered what’s to stop you from making movements in order to gain that result whether or not you believe in yourself or that God will take care of it.

Something else that is special about the mind is the power of the conscious and sub-conscious.. You may not even know your the reason for achieving goals and aims. You may displace the results on others

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