A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 2

“Bwoyyyy, it felt good when you was barebacking Erica though a’lie? Now look!”, Ayden couldn’t help but laugh with Leon. Leon was the only person that could find humor in a depressing situation.

“Leon, out of all the girls I’ve had sex with, why her? How can some any girl have my first born. I’ve never felt this pissed in my life bro’. I always said I’d laugh at the brudda that got trapped by her after all the drama she brought to my front door. I wanted to kill her when she hollered at Jayda but I thought I could laugh it off ‘cos she had nothing on me. Am I a dickhead in life? How the fuck did this happen to me? I had sex with her ONCE!”.

There was an awkward pause, “Bwoyyyy, I don’t even know what to say, SHIT HAPPENS! Just stop crying about it and keep it moving. For one, you don’t even know if that baby is really your blood, everyone knows she’s been onto you since college times. You know how girls stay, some scheming devil bitches, this could all be a story she’s made up to trap you blud. Two, what if she is yours, you gotta figure out what you’re gonna do”.

“What if it is though? What if that little girl’s mine? Leon… If she is… You know I’ve lost my wife init.” Ayden’s head felt heavy with burden as it dropped into his hands. He couldn’t cry, his boy was on the phone, so he held it down. He hadn’t heard from Jayda since two days ago when he confessed to her. He’d asked Leon to check up on her yesterday but her phone just kept going ringing off. He felt as though his life was at a standstill. Even if the baby wasn’t his and he could get Erica out of his life forever, he knew Jayda would still be irate from all the stress it had caused and the fact that he hadn’t told her he’d had sex with Erica. When Erica had called Jayda and accused Ayden of infidelity, he denied it but didn’t tell Jayda that he’d had a one night stand with her. He felt guilty but just couldn’t find the right time to come clean, plus he didn’t want her to think that he was lying about cheating also.

“Ayden, you still there bro?”

“Why wasn’t she shocked that I’d had sex with Erica? After I’d denied even goin near her, all Jayda asked was if the dates matched up. Somethings not matching up, I need to talk to her.” Click the link to read part 3 of the story


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