A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 3

“Hold on a minute Neecy, someone’s been ringing off my phone for the last couple of minutes. Stay there while I put you on hold”, Jayda looked at her phone and kissed her teeth as she read the name on the caller ID and pressed ignore. “Imagine Ayden’s just rinsing my phone.”

“What? Your not gonna pick up? Have you even spoke to him since, since, well you know what I mean”. Shanice wanted to console her best friend but she knew Jayda wasn’t as innocent as it seemed. Jayda had a couple secrets of her own. Shanice wasn’t exactly a big fan of Aydens due to his history and popularity with most of the girls she grew up with, but she knew he cared for Jayda.

“Nah, I’m not ready yet. I don’t know what to say to him. How do I tell him I knew… Or…?”

“Well personally, if I was in your shoes I’d just tell him the truth. Lying is long! Imagine you cross this baby hurdle and get everything sorted and your still holding back from him, imagine he finds out from someone else. He told you a couple days after he found out about the baby and Erica, in all honesty he could have carried on without you knowing.”

“Yeah but that doesn’t cancel out the fact that he went on like he’d never have sex with Erica these times he’d already left his seed in her.”

“Yeah but that doesn’t cancel out the fact that you went on like you had no knowledge of the baby when you fully well knew before he did”, Shanice remarked sarcastically and then paused thinking of the best way to say what was on her mind without upsetting Jayda. Her incompetence to be sympathetic was a major problem especially during Jayda’s emotional outbursts. “And you know what else you need to tell him, you owe him that much don’t you think?”.

“But how?.. What am I gonna say?.. By the way I knew Erica was carrying your child ‘cos she paid me a visit at work with her big belly demanding her ‘babyfathers’ number and I gave her a fake number ‘cos I didn’t want to believe her although I knew you’d had sex with her”, she paused quickly to draw breath, “Oh ALSO a couple days after that shocking ordeal I found out that I was pregnant and couldn’t bare the fact that someone else was claiming your first born so I aborted it! Sorry Ayden”.  There was an awkward pause. Jayda knew that the reason she was avoiding Ayden wasn’t because of his new found ‘baby momma’ drama but because she was scared of telling him that she’d gotten rid of his baby without even telling him she was pregnant in the first place. It was out of character, she’d never disregarded his feelings like that before but she felt cornered when Erica came to her workplace making a scene and put his emotions aside. She felt so disrespected and hurt that she’d pushed the information into her sub-conscious and masked the emotion. How can a woman come into your workplace, in front of your colleagues and tell you she’s having your boyfriends baby and she wants his details to contact him because he needs to take responsibility and stop hiding from her. Jayda couldn’t even retaliate, she refused to lose her job for Erica.

“Yeah, something like that”, Shanice paused and then burst out laughing. Click the link to read part 4 of the story


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