Up Your A Game

Get Your A Game On

Guys, it’s summer time.  I’m talking about females walking with smiles because the sun’s shining and skin hanging out everywhere whether appreciated or not.  Summer makes it easy to socialize due to everyone being out and about trying to soak up all the rays.

This post is to wake some of you guys up.  You know who you are. Using lines from year 7 to gain a girls interest.  What do we have to do to make you lot understand, we dont want to be “chirpsed”, were not in school.  If your going to talk to a female she has to feel like your making an effort and not like she’s the 10th girl you’ve moved to within the space of an hour.  

I’m just going to address some of the more common deadout played out lines that need to be buried and left alone.  “OI” Are you for real?  Any girl that turns round after someone says OI is not serious, OI is not a name and will get u closer to a hot box den a hot wuk!  When I hear OI I automatically think the vocalist is disrespectful and wo’tless.  Jog on.  “I don’t care about your man”, so why you asking if I’m with someone?!  So your going to persist in bothering me even if I’m telling you I’m fully committed.  Jog on.   “I’m better than your man. I’ll treat you good”, hold on, since when did you know me on such a personal level, a whole 2 minutes of talking and your suddenly the best thing, since sliced bread, for me.  Should I be running you down?  Jog on.  “We can be friends init”, -_- you lot despise the friend zone with a passion and I’m meant to believe that your intention was to be my friend this whole time?!  Is this a regular thing, is this how you make friends?  Jog on.

And it doesn’t stop there thanks to growing technology, the Internet mainly.  Social networking sites have become a platform for guys who cannot woo a girl in reality to create a persona in which a girl will like online.  You can’t feel secure with your game or approach when it comes to females if you have to resort to Facebook or twitter.  I can’t rate you.  There are actually guys I’ve witnessed who are a tragedy when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex but have gone from zero to hero thanks to their IP address.  Internet hoes.  The sad thing is these guys in particular lose sight of reality, start trying to ‘follow’ & ‘poke’ every girl they see on road.

I guess you can still use these methods because some girls will ignore the content of your speech and be excited due to them being “gassed” over actually getting attention.   But if your looking for a girl who is not easily led and will not run off with the next man that calls her sexy even if she was wearing a wedding ring, rethink your approach.

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