A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 4

“Yeah, you thought I wouldn’t find you init!”, Erica was vexed as she put the brakes on her pram and lifted her daughter out.  “You know how long I’ve been trying to get in contact with you!  And I know say your moving offish because of Jayda!”

“You ain’t even given me a chance to speak and your drawing Jayda’s name into this.  She’s not involved.  Further more I was avoiding you because of that stunt you pulled, you’re disrespectful, ringing my girl and telling her me and you were having sex these times I hadn’t seen you since…”.

Ayden trailed off and looked at the baby in Erica’s arms.  He didn’t know how he felt as he stared into the baby’s eyes and she giggled as if she knew him.

“Yes bubba, it’s Daddy, smile for daddy”, she turned and looked at Ayden with disgust.  “I don’t know what you see in that bitch anyways.  Your not even gonna ask to hold your daughter nah?”.  Ayden felt hot, all his blood began rushing to his skin, he felt butterflies in his stomach trying to surface and a state of nausea swept over him.  Erica began fondling inside the pram and handed the baby girl to Ayden with excitement, they stood in silence.  He was in awe, this little girl was beautiful, she had her mothers green eyes but she had a darker complexion then her mother, somewhat similar to his.  He was finding it hard not to grow attached even after only holding the baby for a minute.  He’d dreamed of what his future children would look like and how he would provide them with luxuries he was deprived of.  He awoke from his daze and gave the little girl back to Erica hurriedly as if she had just become scolding hot.

“I’m not a kid, if she’s mine I’ll take care of her but I want a DNA test.  How can you come to me four months after you’ve had her and tell me she’s the result of our one night stand?  And u expected me to believe you and be happy?  I had sex with you once and you started moving like I was your man so I ducked. How can she be mine and we had sex once? You’ve fucked every man I know.  And hear what, don’t ever show up outside my flat uninvited like this again.  Further more the informer who gave you my address is pissed when I find them.  You’ve got my number don’t ring me if it ain’t about a DNA test, me and you aint bredrins.”

Erica laughed, “Badman yeah?!  Don’t talk to me like I’m some any girl, you weren’t worried about who I fucked when you was inside me with no condom though!  And your lucky it aint that fake number your dumb bitch gave me, tell her she don’t wanna bump into me, baby or no baby I’ll knock her out!”

“What?  Who are you talking about?”.  Ayden tried to lower his tone as he’d realized Erica was drawing attention from his neighbors.  She had no shame, just shouting her business in public on his doorstep so that everyone could hear about his embarrassing ordeal.  She had no boundaries, everything had to be a dramatic theatrical scene with her.

“You know who I’m talking about, Jayda!  Don’t go on like you don’t know, she took me for a fool,” Erica lightened her tone as she could see the baby was becoming distressed.  She Began rocking her to and fro gently to sooth her, “I don’t know why your going on like I didn’t try to contact you before I had the baby.  Someone told me where your girl worked so I went to see her to pass on a message to you and get your number, you were taking the piss ignoring my calls and then they later started going straight to voicemail and I didn’t even know where you live,” she kissed her teeth as she thought about the stress she went through trying to find Ayden.

“Nah! You’re lying.. Nah, Jayda wouldn’t have kept that from me.  You’re sick in your head you know.  Im done talking to you”, he turned to go back into his flat, he didn’t understand Erica at all, he couldn’t figure out what she was trying to achieve.  He stopped as he heard Erica’s chilling laugh once more and turned around to see what was so funny.

“I guess your bitch ain’t on as tight a leash as you thought.  Bye Ayden.  Say bye bubba, bye daddy”.  Erica tucked her baby back in the pram and walked away.  Ayden felt sick, he was vex that Erica was forcing her baby on him and Jayda couldn’t have known before him.

Click the link to read part 5 of the story https://mslissa23.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/a-sneak-preview-of-my-short-story-part-5-2/

2 thoughts on “A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 4

  1. Aunty F says:

    Your short story’s got me hooked. Jayda, Ayden, Erica…….I need to know more. Waiting for part 5. Keep it coming


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