A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 5

“Ahh pick up!”, Ayden was now frustrated at Jayda, two weeks gone and she was still trying to avoid his calls. The phone rang off and then transferred his call to her voicemail, he had too much pride to leave yet another message which she’d just ignore. He wasn’t used to all the emotions trying to conquer his mind, he threw his phone at the wall. He took a moment to reflect, kissed his teeth and scrambled for the pieces of his phone. Just as he assembled the pieces together it rang. His heart skipped a beat at the thought of Jayda ringing back, he answered without acknowledging the caller ID. “Hello, Jayda?”.

“No, try again!”, Ayden recognized the voice straight away and wished he never answered.

“I’ve arranged the DNA test, didn’t you get my text?”.

“Ayden I don’t care for the DNA test, I know she’s yours. Don’t you think you need to come see her?”.

“Erica, what is your problem? I told you not to ring me if it ain’t about the DNA test! This isn’t an opportunity for us to play perfect families, we will never be one. Your moving as though you planned this, I shoulda known you would pull a stunt like this. You can’t trap me, if that’s my daughter I’ll love her but that won’t ever make me love you!”. Erica sat in silence for a second. Normally when a person insulted her she’d brush it off her shoulder. She didn’t need anyone to reassure and carress her ego, she knew she was desirable, haters just came with the package, but she liked Ayden, she cared about what he perceived of her when he looked at her. She broke down.

“Ayden, did I make little Neveah myself? Did I rape you? Why is this all my fault? If anything you took the piss, you knew how long I liked you and you gave me false hopes. You slept with me and dashed me to the side, no explanation. You’re like every other prick out there! You think I want you as the father of my baby?”. She stopped and tried to compose herself. She tugged on her sleeve and used it as a tissue to clean her face. The tears wouldn’t stop falling but she tried to disguise the hurt she was feeling, her voice lowered. “You’ve missed four months of her life, when that test comes back saying you’re the father you think you can just waltz into her life as though you’ve been there since day dot. How much of her life are you looking to miss?”. Ayden was in shock, he felt sorry for her. He hated hearing a female cry. He thought carefully about what he was going to say next, he didn’t want any more tears, he couldn’t handle it.

“Don’t cry Erica… I can’t deal with that right now seriously, things are hard trust me, I know… Where are you now?”.

Erica sobbed after wiping the last of her tears away, “I’m at home, I’ve gotta go and warm up Neveah’s milk, I’ll talk to you later”. She tried to hurriedly end the conversation, she was embarrassed. She’d never broken down in front of anyone like that for as long as she could remember.

“I’ll be there in half an hour… but I don’t want u getting any ideas Erica, this is strictly for that baby-“.

“Neveah!”. Erica was getting annoyed with Ayden’s reluctance to accept his own flesh and blood.

“Yeah Neveah”. Ayden hung up quickly in order to cut the tension. What had he just agreed to? He was about to allow himself to get emotionally attached to Erica’s baby. He thought about what Jayda would have advised him to do and then like a lightbulb there was some light shed and one thought dominated his mind. ‘Fuck Jayda!’.

Click the link for part 6 of the story https://mslissa23.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/247/

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