A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 6

“I don’t even know what to expect Neecy, this girl is some next spy.  First my work place then my number… There’s an informer at work,” both girls giggled although the situation was far from funny, “I don’t buy the shit she’s selling,”  Jayda tried her best to imitate Erica’s whiney high pitched voice, “‘we’re gna have to learn to get along, it’s not about me, you or Ayden, it’s about the baby'”.

“So what is she expecting?”, Shanice was unsure about the situation and felt as though Jayda was walking into it blindly.

“In all honesty I don’t know, everyone knows how much I don’t like her, including her!  So I don’t know why she’s frien’in me up, I just hope for her sake this is strictly about the baby cos trust me I’m looking for any excuse to done her dance.  Ahh I think I’ve taken the wrong turning.”

“Why didn’t you wait for me to finish work?  Tom Tom wouldn’t have failed us, furthermore how’d you know that anything this girl says is genuine, you two have never liked each other and personally I know that will never change.  I have a feeling suttins gonna go down.  I’m just praying she don’t pull any stunts like a group of girls jumping you out of nowhere”.

“Ohh perleasssse Neecy, she ain’t got no friends, she can’t find no girls to come jump me, she done t’iefed everyone’s man, no ones willing to back her!”, Jayda found herself hilarious, the thought of Erica having friends was too much for her to handle.

“You’re not even talking to Ayden, you’ve been airing him so why does she feel the need to bury bridges with you? Basic bitches will always be basic bitches, just stay on the phone til you reach her yard in case I have to leave work ASAP”, Shanice laughed but with a sense of intensity, she was dead serious and wouldn’t hesitate to pull the car tools out of the boot,

“I’m surprised you agreed to meeting with her though, does this mean you’re looking to patch things up with Ayden?”. Jayda was hurting and she blamed herself for it, her hurt was always followed by guilt and then anger.  Her conscience wouldn’t let her forget or bypass the deceitfulness of her abortion, she was leaving Ayden to become mentally tired and frustrated trying to figure out how he could make things better as though he was the only one that had caused disruption in their relationship.  The anger would then come as she remembered how she felt when Erica came to her workplace and the nausea that overcame her when she took the pregnancy test.

She sighed as if she was releasing her stress into the surrounding air, “I love him and I want him.  I can lie to you and say yes but I honestly don’t know.  He may not even want me when he hears about what I done.  Ahh you shouldn’t have asked me that, it’s just reminded me how much I hate Erica.  I don’t want a basic bitch to be the reason I lose my man.  I think I’m only checking her ‘cos I wanna burn her, from day dot she wanted Ayden, she used to follow him round college and whenever she saw him showing interest in me she used to screw up her face, we all know she still wants him.  I don’t want her to think he’s a free agent ‘cos that’s not the case… I’m marking my territory!  Jayda’s still about bitch”. Jayda and Shanice giggled just as she realised she was on the right road.

“Where are you now you clown?”.

“Rah, I’m right outside her block, I’m not hanging up ’til you hear her bloody squeaky voice.  She’ll probably move like we’ve been best friends from day, ‘Jayda! You came, I haven’t seen you around for time, what you been up to?’.”

“If I hear her say that I swear, I’ll be cracking up for days.  In fact if she says that put me on loud speaker!”, they both chorused in laughter until Jayda cut them off in whisper.

“Neecy, her doors open you know, I like went to knock it and it kinda swang open.”

Shanice whispered back unaware that she was doing it, “Can you hear anything? Just shout hello init.”.

“Hold on, I can hear two voices.  Did this girl really call me while she’s on the clock entertaining men? Wait… HELLO.. ERICA!!”.

Jayda immediately heard a male voice that she recognised answer back. “JAYDA?!”, Ayden’s heart skipped a beat.  He knew exactly what Erica was doing.  He heard Jayda following the sound of his voice into the front room.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!”, Jayda wanted to pick up the closest thing to her and cause damage.  The scene she was witnessing was burning her eyes and she didn’t want to believe it was real.  She heard Shanice’s voice echoing through the phone, she was asking the same question that Jayda was thinking ‘what’s going on?’.  Erica began fumbling for her dressing gown that lay beside her and Ayden to cover up her naked body.  Ayden was seated on the couch, fully clothed, with Erica straddling him.  Ayden dashed her off with a matter of urgency and stood up.

“Jayda, I swear to you this is not what it looks like!”.

Click this link to read part 7 of the story https://mslissa23.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/a-sneak-preview-of-my-short-story-part-7/

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