Mi Nuh Fight Over Man

I swear, day by day I am in situations or see situations that lead me to believe I am a rare breed of female.  My understanding of most of their actions and thought process is null.  Especially when it comes to the opposite sex and this isn’t a rant about what girls do to gain guys but more of what I have analyzed about their rapidness to start a war with another female in regards of a male.  Females are so set in their beliefs that all those of the same sex are bitches and snakes that in trying to avoid being bitten they become venomous and snaky themselves.  There is no such civil war within the male population because they’re more than happy to recommend or share a female with another male companion.  Now I’m not recommending this is the attitude to adopt but how is it we can see a guy play two girls who know nothing about the other and when they discover the deceit they fight each other in order to stay with the guy? How does that make sense? The other female was just as clueless as you and has done nothing wrong by you but she becomes your enemy and the guy who mocked your emotions becomes the person who you will fight to the death for.  Let’s flip the script, two guys find out that one girls trying to play the both of them. She gets LOCKED OFF and trust me by word of mouth the stories spread.  I’ve actually seen a situation like this and one of the guys arranged to link her, when she reached she was greeted by both of her ‘boyfriends’, them laughing and basically telling her to ‘Piss Off’.  A couple days later her close friends got phone calls warning them of her behavior and trying to save them of looking guilty by association although they were not involved.  

There are so many scenarios I want to share with you in anticipation that someone will be able to explain to me the sense behind these actions.  I will use fictitious names and I won’t disclose any personal details but I think you’ll find that you’ll probably be able to relate them to either yourself or someone you know whether male or female.

Scenario one.
Sarah falls pregnant for John.  The relationship is not exactly roses and peaches but with a baby on the way it looks as though things can only get better.  During her pregnancy another girl gets in contact with her and explains that she is also pregnant for John, this girl is coming from the right place and does not actually want to be with John she just wants to make Sarah aware of what he is capable of.  Sarah gets defensive and insults the other female who is in the same position as her letting her know that she is not giving John up and the other girl has nothing on her.  Huh?!  

Scenario two.
Emily breaks up with Jonathon.  It isn’t a bitter break-up so there is still hopes ,on Jonathons behalf, of rekindling what they had.  They continue to talk.  Emily then gets a phone call from an anonymous girl who claims to be her ex boyfriends new girlfriend.  The girl cusses Emily telling her to leave her man alone and never ring him back as though she was interfering with a relationship that she knew about.  Huh?! 

Scenario three.
Leanne has been dating Aaron for years.  Leanne takes note of a female who is showing interest in Aaron.  She is jealous but then puts her mind at ease and concentrates on her and Aaron.  A girl tries to befriend Leanne but she is suspicious of this stranger because she doesn’t know her.  She relises that this stranger is in fact friends with her boyfriends new admirer and is acting as a spy/informer.  Huh?!

Scenario four.
Emma is dating Clive who has a child with another woman.  He will not let her meet his child but she understands as she doesn’t think it’s responsible to be introduced into a child’s life, especially as she is not family, if her relationship with Clive is not guaranteed.  She tells her friend about Clive, who reckons that he sounds familiar.  She, in fact,  finds out that there’s a connection between her friend and Clive’s baby’s mother.  His baby’s mother gets in contact to inform Emma that she is still with Clive and at first Emma feels as though this girl has sense and knows that they’ve both been played.  She then clocks it’s not that simple and this girl starts throwing threats and warning her off.  Huh?!

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