Weekly Don’t Sleep Ons..

It’s harder to promote those that are underground or unsigned unless you are one of the few that respect gritty, raw music which does not conform to the media’s perception of that genre.  A lot of people don’t understand that a lot of artists that are now signed done their best work when they were underground and dabbling with free mixtapes and  free performances in a back road alley rather than albums and concerts.  *Stops rambling and tries to gain back the attention of her audience* I’m not going to say anymore just give my choices a chance.  First up E&J who killed it on this track, unfortunately I am only giving you a preview but it’s more than you deserve.

My tune of the moment.  I, in fact, own up to sleeping on Tyga.  I think this is because I firstly associated him with Chris Breezy and didn’t take his transition from sweet R’n’B singer to badboy rapper seriously and tarred them with the same brush, but I can admit when I’m wrong, I rate Tyga and I love this tune he’s done with Adele, another one of my favourite artists right now.  Enjoy..

Last but not least it’s my boy Blind Fury.  I’ve followed this boy in all his battles on 106 & park and I don’t particularly love this song but I respect his talent and what he has done especially as he is blind, in this day and age we still struggle to treat those that are different from the ‘norm’ as equals.  This was apparent in his beginning battles as it seemed like no one wanted to go in on him because of his disability.  In hindsight he pissed on all those that have perfect sight Ha! Respect my homeboy and Enjoy..

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