A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 7

Ayden knocked on the door but done so softly and with a lack of enthusiasm.  He was secretly hoping that the inhabitant wouldn’t hear and he could skip this awkward situation and act as if it never happened.  He turned his back to the door and scanned the floor of the block he was standing on to make sure that nobody that knew him was there to witness his visit to Erica’s apartment.  Everyone that knew him knew of his hatred for Erica but somewhere within that phone call his emotions changed towards her.  He refused to mistake the new emotions for lust or like, he knew it was simply because he felt sorry for her.

He heard a chain on the door being unlinked and a key on the inside unlocking the door.  He turned around to see Erica standing in a black short satin dressing gown with her hair in wet curls, dripping.  He assumed she’d just had a shower.  She smiled as if she’d just won the lottery millions.

“Come in then, it’s cold you know!”, Erica ushered Ayden in hurriedly and directed him to the front room.  “You said half an hour but you reached here quick.  Couldn’t wait to see me nah?”, Erica laughed and ignored Ayden’s uncomfortable sour-puss face.  “Lighten up, it’s a joke!”.

“Bwoiiiiii, truth is you know I never came here to bus’ joke.  And I never came her to entertain you-“.

“Yes! I get it!”, Erica cut him off quickly before he could begin to piss her off, “Can I get you a drink or something to eat?…  You could do with some fattening, didn’t that girl feed you, can’t she cook?  Oh my!  Don’t tell me she can’t cook!”.  Erica laughed again but this time it sounded more menacing, “Simple bitch!-“, Ayden stood up abruptly cutting Erica’s rant short.

“Hear what, I don’t have time for your bullshit!  I will get up and leave so carry on!”.

“Rarse!  It must be your time of the month… Alright I’ll stop, I can’t help it.  I don’t see what you see in her that you never saw in me, you just never gave me a chance”, Erica sat beside Ayden and turned towards him, her eyes moist and her face reddening.  “I know what everyone thinks of me, it doesn’t mean that’s who I am and I know because of this situation you kinda regret what we did more so but I never planned this.  This is fucked up!  Having a child for someone you’ve always wanted but they love someone else and end up hating you.”

“I don’t hate you… And me being with Jayda would never interfere with me and Neveah”, Ayden paused as he analyzed what he’d just said, ‘me being with Jayda would never interfere with me and Neveah’.  So he now had a bond with this stranger that was allegedly his daughter.  He then realized he hadn’t seen Neveah since he’d come.  “Erica, where’s Neveah?”.

“She fell asleep after I fed her but it’s only a nap, she’ll wake up any minute now.  I don’t like waking her up ‘cos she gets miserable”.

“Then maybe I should just come back later”.

“Nah don’t go… I hate it when she’s sleeping, I have nothing to do”.  Erica looked into Ayden’s eyes as though she was trying to enchant him.  She leaned closer and closer to him waiting for him to panic and retreat but to her surprise he didn’t move.  She paused as she could feel his breathing.

“Erica, I can’t-“. Erica kissed Ayden.  He didn’t know how to react, he felt her soft lips and closed his eyes so that his imagination would be able to run riot summoning up thoughts of him kissing Jayda.

He was awoken from his daydream by Erica’s voice.  She leaned away from him and whispered.   “You don’t know how long I’ve been dreaming of this moment”.  Erica climbed on top of Ayden, straddling him, she began fumbling with the tied belt on her gown.  She let the gown slip from her shoulders and threw it beside them on the sofa.  She was in her birthday suit, her skin oiled and glowing.  Ayden’s jaw dropped in disbelief, her body was heaven, caramel golden skin, curves and bends in just the right places although she was slim and slender,  her apple bottom, but he had to resist, this girl was psycho.  Ayden’s jaw was close to the floor as he sat there in disbelief.  He wanted to throw her off of him, run out of her block and never come back but he was frozen in shock.

“HELLO… ERICA!”.  Ayden heard a females voice shout from the front door.  He recognized it straight away and couldn’t control himself.  He knew that this wasn’t a coincidence.

He called out as if it was an automatic response but done so with a sense of weariness as the situation felt somewhat surreal. “JAYDA?!”, he was sure his heart stopped beating as the only sounds he could hear after calling for Jayda was her footsteps following the sound of his voice, something was telling him he should’ve known better than to trust Erica.  He saw Jayda emerge in the doorway.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!”.  Ayden could see the pain and anger in Jayda’s eyes.  She looked as though she was plotting a double homicide.  He heard a faint echo and made out the words ‘what’s goin’ on?’ and realized Jayda had someone on her phone.  He only remembered that Erica was on him when he felt her grabbing for her dressing gown.  He dashed her off with a matter of urgency and stood up.

“Jayda, I swear to you this is not what it looks like!”.

Click the link to read part 8 of the story https://mslissa23.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/a-sneak-preview-of-my-short-story-part-8/

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