A Sneak Preview Of My Short Story Part 8..

Neveah’s cry for attention from Erica’s bedroom broke the silence.  She used it as an excuse to leave what could potentially become a very intense war zone.  As she slid past Jayda, carefully so that there was no contact, Jayda glimpsed a smirk appear on Erica’s face.

Ayden moved as fast as he could to prevent the future fiasco from happening but was too slow as he watched Jayda grab for a glass ashtray on the window sill beside her and smash it into the back of Erica’s head.  Ayden grabbed Jayda and tried to pin her arms to her side as she fought to get away from him and spat out curse words and insults.

“FUCKING BITCH! YOU’RE LUCKY, YOUR BABY SAVED YOU CAH IF IT WEREN’T FOR HER BEING UPSTAIRS I WOULDA CARRIED ON LICKING YOU TIL YOU STOPPED BREATHING!  AYDEN COME DA FUCK OFF ME!”.  Jayda was so mad and frustrated that tears had started to stream down her face.  Erica was moving surprisingly calm as she rose up from the floor and felt the spot on the back of her head where she had been hit.  She stared at the blood on her hand as if she was just getting her eyesight back from the impact.  She giggled with disbelief, her fist clenched, she jumped so that she could gain height  over Ayden, and struck Erica on the side of her face.  Ayden was in shock and let go of Jayda so that he could position himself between the two to stop anything else from happening.  Jayda stood frozen in shock, she knew Erica wouldn’t back down easily but she wasn’t expecting the blow.  She wanted to retaliate but something was telling her not to, something was telling her that if she wanted to walk away from the situation she had to do it now.

“I beg you control your girl, my daughters upstairs and she wants to lick me with an ashtray and shout like one big eediat!  I’m going to check on my baby by the time I come back down this bitch needs to be out of my flat!”.

Erica started towards the direction of the cries vexed but stopped in her tracks as she heard her name. “Erica carry on getting brave, the next time we bump into each other your man won’t be there to save you, just a friendly warning!  You two make me sick, I can’t take it no more, seriously!  I hope she was worth it Ayden, fuck the both of you!”, Jayda turned and headed towards the front door.  The situation was messing with her head she needed fresh air and fast.  The thoughts that were circling her mind were beginning to scare her.  If she stayed any longer or heard that girl her Alvin and the chipmunks voice again she would take somebody’s life.  She slammed the door behind her to piss off Erica and to let everyone know she was exiting the drama which had been plaguing her life for the past few weeks.

She had made it no further than five steps down the stairs when she heard the door being opened once again, behind her.  She didn’t want to face this anymore.  She didn’t want to talk about it, she didn’t want to hear about it and she couldn’t face seeing it.  She wiped away her tears so that the public wouldn’t know of her torment.

“Jayda! Give me a minute!  Just a minute, I promise!”, Ayden started to jog as he could see that his pleas were being ignored.  He didn’t know what he was going to say to her.  He didn’t care.  This was the first time he’d seen her in weeks and he wasn’t going to let her just walk out on him again.  He knew Erica had set this up, it had her name written all over it but he didn’t know if he could get Jayda to trust him.  He jogged down the stairs and got to her just as she passed the buildings main entry door and grabbed her shoulder, “Jayda! You know better than to let that eediat come mad up your head! Why would she invite you to her yard?  She’s scheming, she’s tryna fuck us up!”.

“Come off me!  She schemed you into letting her get fully unclothed and climbing on to you! I’m not a victim, I don’t wanna hear nothing you’ve got to say, I’m done with you!”.

“You’re done yeah?  When was you planning to tell me, have me chasing you like some mug for weeks trying to talk to you and see if we can make this work, these times the first time I have contact with you and you’re screaming ‘I’m done with you!'”, Ayden tried to imitate Jayda’s voice as he quoted her, he didn’t know if he intended to mock her or if it just came out that way, “I shoulda fucked her, you’re already declaring you’re single and I’m fighting off pussy for you,-“.

“WELL DONE”, Jayda applauded sarcastically,”for fighting off Erica after sleeping with her, getting her pregnant and after she magically got on top of you, NAKED!  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”.

“You know what… forget you!  I’m done with you!  I dont even know why you came.  You air me, you’re telling me we’re done, so why did you come, what do you owe Erica?! All you girls are the same, scheming, you probably set this up with her.  You do you and I’ll do me!”.

“All girls are the same?  Says the dickhead that couldn’t strap up.  You’re a statistic.  Barebacking anything with a pussy you’re a walking STD.  How many other kids you got running around?!”.

Ayden couldn’t control his anger, he gripped Jayda by both shoulders and pinned her against the wall beside the main building door.  He wanted to hit her so badly.  She hurt him.  He wasn’t a statistic.  He didn’t have any kids running around.  He wasn’t his father.  He didn’t plan any of this.  He loosened his grip on Jayda as he could read the fear in her eyes but he didn’t let go.  He was determined that he’d be heard.  He gritted his teeth and lowered his tone as if the neighbors were trying to listen in.

“My plan was to be with you.  You were meant to have my children, all of them.  I fucked up!  I messed up… But I’m glad, I’ve seen you for what you really are.  Avoiding me when I needed you, fighting me when you’re meant to have my back, keeping secrets from me, how could you not tell me you knew another woman was claiming my seed.  No matter what you say about Erica, I’ve put that girl through hell cah my focus has always been on you, yet that girl is still willing to fight for me although I’m not hers to fight for-“.

“Then have her!  I couldn’t agree more, yeah I’m glad I never had your baby too… Relieved”, the tears were in full swing now, unable to hold back she carried on,”keeping your baby would have been the worst thing to happen in my life…”.  Jayda trailed off as Ayden released her and looked at her with confusion and pain in his eyes.  She analysed what she’d just said to see whether she had exposed herself.  Even if he didn’t understand she knew she had to tell him.  She walked away from the wall in order to find a safe spot within distance of Ayden, she couldn’t face looking at him whether it was from his front or back so she stayed with her back towards him.

“When Erica told me..  I saw her belly.. I thought I’d lost you but I felt like an idiot.. Another girl was having my man’s baby..  Then.. I found out I- I.. Was pregnant…..”, Ayden stumbled as he lost his balance and then clumsily sat on the door step, his mouth dry.

Click this link to read part 9 of the story https://mslissa23.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/a-sneak-preview-of-my-short-story-part-9-penultimate/

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