New Drug Discovered.. LA Noire

My addiction to LA Noire is unfathomable.  I expected something completely different, a governmental brainwashed version of grand theft auto, don’t ask me why, but I was so mistaken. There’s only one thing that is wrong with this game and that’s the fact that the creators forgot to make it playable for two players rather than one.  This game is literally balancing on a thin line between virtuality and reality.  The unique selling point of LA Noire is the interaction.

YOU search for the clues at the crime scene.  YOU conduct the interviews.  YOU carry out the interrogations.  YOU charge the criminals.  You literally make the decisions as though you are the character officer Cole Phelps, which differs to other games where you’re given a set mission to be done in a certain way.  LA Noire caters for each players own way of thinking and allows different outcomes in certain situations.

It seems as though some of the case ideas featured from the game are from existing movies but it doesn’t prevent the excitement, the mystery and the addiction.  The CGI video clips give a cinema viewing experience *Thanks God for the HD setting on PS3*.  Also the special facial technology the creators have used depict such a vivid picture. 

I don’t want anyone to be confused and believe all you do is search for clues and interview witnesses.  It goes beyond that, if your looking for an action thrill you’ll find it.  Car chases, shootouts, I’m sure this guy even does free running, jumps over walls and climbs scaffolding and buildings.  

I’ve wondered where and how the idea for this game came about.  The usual games which involve crime, violence, etc are portrayed by the media as desensitizers but this is shot from the point of view of an officer.  Does this balance out the bad with the good?  The problem is I don’t want to say too much and giveaway some of the plots so let me just stop…

3 thoughts on “New Drug Discovered.. LA Noire

  1. Harnew says:

    Aww man. I don’t even have a PS3 but I have 4 games and I’m definitely getting this one. But since I obviously can wait I am going to wait until the price drop to $40.


  2. Harnew says:

    Wow! how you described it makes me impatient though. I thought it would be two players though like one player is the bad guy and the other is detective


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