Capital FM summertime ball 2011

I never thought I could have enjoyed an event planned by capital FM so much. I am not particularly a fan of their radio station due to my preference in music, their main focus of genre being pop but I was offered a ticket and thought there is no way I am missing such an opportunity whether they were showcasing artists I like or not. Nothing wrong with gaining experience.

After accepting the ticket I decided to research and see exactly who would be performing. The line up consisted of; J Lo, Nicole Scherzinger, Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, JLS, Ne-yo, Enrique Iglesias, Katy B, Example, Far east movement, Mann, Mike Posner, Jessie J, The Wanted and Wretch 32. I then got excited as I spotted names that I liked and also one of my guilty pleasures *whispers* The Wanted. Also I haven’t been to many concerts and was slyly disappointed by the last one I had attended due to Drake’s singing making my ears bleed and his supporting act J Cole, who I had been a fan of anyways, giving a better performance than the man we paid to see.

It was perfect, one event with a load of artists. I can actually say due to this one event a couple artists have now gained me as a fan! Stage presence, performance wise, you’re able to separate the good from the bad.

So, my review. The venue was ideal, Wembley, in order of holding a huge mass but the weather was not. With the stadium not having a roof or coverage over the center those that were standing rather than seated got soaked and were having to get rain macs to try and stay dry but that didn’t stop them at all! When I first got my ticket I was worrying about where I was going to be seated but no matter where you are you have a good view and the screens on either side of the stage meant that you couldn’t miss a thing. The show started at 4pm and ended at 9.30pm, this was a slight problem for me as I find it hard to stay seated for a long period of time and although there were some breaks between artists they lasted no longer than five minutes so if you wanted to go for a quick walkabout or stretch your legs you’d have to jog in order to get back for the next act.

Who stole the show? Well you could see the quality of the performance varied due to the experience of the artist but that didn’t stop Jessie J from getting the crowd going. She appeared sitting on a throne, resembling the one from her video. At first I didn’t realize anything different although she stayed on her throne. She then told the audience of how she had injured her foot, quoting Jessie herself ‘mi mash up mi foot’ (oh how I love this woman lol we’d get along like a house on fire), the day before and I saw that her foot had been bandaged. She said that the doctor had ordered her to cancel her performance on the show but she refused as she couldn’t let down her fans and she still got up and stood on her injured foot even though she couldn’t walk on it. We all know this woman can sing but hearing her live was another thing, I actually felt everything she was singing, I was up and dancing and singing like I possess her talent, which I wish I hadn’t as I spoilt the video footage I have of her beautiful voice with my karaoke attempt. Jessie wasn’t the only one that wowed me, Enrique pulled out all the stops. Everyone knows his song hero so you could imagine the 78,000+ chorusing like a choir but the shock when he decided to bring someone up on stage was heard throughout the stadium. This lucky girl got pulled up and everyone couldn’t help but laugh at her facial expressions, he sang to her, held her for the length of the song and then said ‘you’re over 18 right?’ before snogging her. I was so jealous! I was sadly disappointed by Wretch’s brief appearance as Example introduced him on to perform ‘unorthodox’ and the he disappeared. I was looking forward to seeing him perform as he is another artist that I have been a fan of for years. I was looking forward to seeing Katy B but she lacks stage presence. You cannot fault her talent but in terms of interacting with the crowd she seemed clueless. She literally came on, sang her couple songs, walked up and down a bit and called it a day.

Anywho, all in all I loved it! Definitely would not mind going next year if the English weather decides to be kind. I’ll leave you with some pictures I took.










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