Stunting Stupidity

Why does money drive us crazy? A simple piece of paper or a coin. We stunt in order to show the amount of money we have substantially tucked away but in reality if we had that kind of money we wouldn’t need to flaunt it. You don’t see rich people going to parties with their top tucked into their Gucci belt or buying clothes on which the huge or repetitive logo hologram cannot be ignored.

When I have money the name brand items I purchase will be humble. Why would you brag about something which is consistent to you. You think we don’t know that your Gucci belt is the only name brand belt you have, it became obvious when you started wearing it the every day. Do you think that we don’t know that the reason you walk round with a name brand wash bag is because it’s all that you could afford.

I remember somebody once showing great offense to designers insulting some of those wearing their creations but I understand. When you design something you have a certain image in your head. Somehow I don’t think the designers imagined their clothes/bags/shoes on boys fresh outta college excited by student loan with no job, or people selling small time drugs posted ‘up on the block’, or females in a council flat using their benefits. How can you expect them to appreciate that kind of promotion. They want classy, intelligent and more financially capable people wearing their clothes.

People are devaluing their brands.

It’s not only clothes that are the issue. Rentals. Financing. Purchasing a Beamer, Benz or Bentley but yet you can’t afford the petrol to keep your tank from becoming thirsty. You roll up outside the rave stunting in your whip to pick up your friends but can’t go in because your finances are low. You roll around at 20mph so everyone can clock you in ‘endz’ but you have no sensible use for the car. If you sell drugs and buy a flashy car to support your ‘job’ you are what I call dumb, you deserve to be arrested, you’re a prime target.

The funniest thing is the ‘buy out the bar’ trend. One time my girls and I went to a club where these guys were pouring us glass upon glass of champagne. I won’t lie I didn’t mind I was enjoying myself. There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on the bar it’s the events that followed that were hilarious. So we got drunk and then the rave ended, as we were leaving, we had 2 cars full of girls, we saw the guys outside. They came up to the car I was in begging for a lift home. Huh? Weren’t you just splashing money. Can’t you afford TFL or a cab at least.

Don’t spend money you don’t have. Why take all your money to a club if it means you will be hungry for the rest of the month? Why buy a car for which you can’t afford the petrol, tax, insurance or MOT? Why bring a wash bag to a rave if you can’t afford to buy an actual bag? Just let it go..

I’d rather I buy everything I need from Primark in preparation of saving money & in the process of trying to get into my desired career. When broke, those that admired your goods won’t donate you any money. They don’t respect you because you’re wearing LV. You won’t get a job because of a bag.

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