Alpha & Beta males.. Via @BankoleUK

My good friend, twitter; @BankoleUK, has requested that I write about a theory him and a couple others put together after observing people and the differences in the way they act towards their friends compared to the people that they lust/like. I agree with him on this theory, as soon as he started explaining I was able to place the traits onto people I know and this is why I have agreed to be his voice, so to speak.

The alpha and beta male; The breakdown

Alpha male. An alpha male is the guy that everyone wants to be or be with. He doesn’t necessarily have to have the looks but the way he carries himself makes him attractive. He has confidence and doesn’t doubt himself and for that reason he likes to be around people that understand the way he is and most probably assert themselves in the same way. He doesn’t limit himself to the different kind of people he talks to but he can recognize who is not an alpha male, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to illustrate to them how they can get there. He doesn’t feel the need to chase after girls, not because he thinks he is too good for them but because his priorities are in check. He is about ambition and forever trying to mould his future. It doesn’t stop him from getting girls though. He is someone you can have a mind stimulating conversation with, without it feeling forced. He doesn’t watch what other people are doing and tries to focus on himself as he doesn’t like getting involved in other people’s drama.

Beta male. At first glance you could be fooled into thinking this is an alpha male. He can master the confidence and swag of an alpha male as he may well think he is in that category but there are vital differences. He is the guy that appears to get a lot of girls but if you talk to these females they may reveal a whole different side to the guy that you never knew existed. Some traits which a lot of females can relate to guys that are trying it on with them are; expensive gifts, stunting in order to impress, an exchange of gossip and secrets about their own friends, cock-blocking other competitors even if it is their friend, promises of sexual favors, etc. He is the guy that will penetrate anything as long as it has a vagina, he has no morals but would deny it to his friends. He will snake a friend for sex. He talks a lot in order to make up for what he lacks in terms of charm and confidence and gains friends with gossip. He will try to be close with alpha males in order to camouflage with them and fool others.

Examples; A guy notices his close friend moving to an attractive girl. He is slightly pissed because he didn’t notice her first but says nothing. As the girl begins to see and talk to his friend more regularly so does he. He gets her number and starts to interact with her without his friend knowing. He informs her that his friend is a dog and isn’t good enough for her but that he would be better suited and she should stop talking to the friend.

A guy is at a party with some of his friends and spots a girl he’s liked for a while but hasn’t been able to bypass the friend zone. One of his friends asks for an introduction as he is also feeling the girl. The guy thinks quickly on his feet and tells his friend to leave it alone as she is messed up in her head and is known for being a stalker.

There are more traits but I think you’re getting what I am trying to say. There may be a middle ground which we haven’t discovered just yet but as for now this is what has been analysed. This is all for now but I will be doing a similar post about the females. Feedback is welcome no matter whether you agree or not and follow my homeboy @BankoleUK.

2 thoughts on “Alpha & Beta males.. Via @BankoleUK

  1. Black Supahero says:

    Hmm I’ve always had a different view of this… even when i saw the title i thought it’d be more along the line of who leads the pack, as in alpha leads, and betas follow.

    Naturally, i’d like to think i’m an alpha-male, but i don’t think i 100% qualify, but luckily i am none of the things you described as a beta-male, so where do i stand???


    • mslissa23 says:

      As I said there is probably a middle ground but we just couldn’t figure out what was allowed in order for someone to just be in the middle. And also I don’t know any more of the Greek alphabet so pshht lol..

      Well when I originally heard alpha and beta I automatically thought about the leader and so on. As I listened to the explanation it just started to make sense.

      Oh yh and thank you for reading my blog, much appreciated..


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