I once said love doesn’t exist, the heart is a muscle it cannot produce emotion.

I was questioned about the statement I’d made as it seemed naive to others especially as I am in a relationship and it made me think long and hard. In all honesty if you asked me whether I’m in love or love anyone I’d reply yes even though I still stand firmly by my statement.

It is not that I don’t believe that the emotions we feel towards those that we can’t live without are not real but I don’t agree with the descriptions it is given and the way it is portrayed. I think it relates to my views on relationships. I don’t think any relationship is guaranteed, it is about how much you are willing to put in to make it work. No relationship escapes arguments, jealousy or distrust. No matter how much you claim to be in “love” it won’t stop any of these things arising in the relationship. It depends on how much you want to get over each hurdle.

Some of those that are abused say they won’t leave their partner who is guilty of doing it because they are in love. Some of those that are cheated on continuously, refuse to leave their relationship because of love. This one emotion can make you lose sight of common sense or even right and wrong e.g, adults having relations with underage children. I feel as though it is mind over matter. When you leave a relationship you are forced to move on, you may pine for your ex but if there is no way of getting back together you will carry on with life and find another. When in the relationship you’re so blinded by love you can’t even imagine a break-up or having to move on, so what changes?

My idea of love is the connection that is formed between two people, a bond due to things they’ve been through together. Someone so close that you immediately notice when they are not around.

A bond, not an unruly uncontrollable emotion that can be used to excuse anything and I think my main point is that it cannot derive from the heart so it has to come from the mind.

” love doesn’t exist, the heart is a muscle it cannot produce emotion. © “

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