Alpha & Beta females..

As promised this post will be about alpha and beta females. Before I start I want to address a few debate points that arose after my last post. Some people came to me explaining that they think they show traits of both but don’t belong in either category. As I said there may be a middle ground but as for now I jus wanted to focus on the extremes, the opposite ends of the spectrum. I may at a later stage tackle the other types of males there are. It was also said that no man would admit that they are a beta male which I knew they wouldn’t but I didn’t care. The purpose of the post wasn’t to find out what every guys like but to make people aware.

Alpha and Beta female; the breakdown.

Alpha female. She presents herself well and with confidence. She wants to be recognized for her mind rather than her body. She is not easily gassed by males as she loves herself more than any man could. She has the utmost self respect and for that reason she only surrounds herself with people that respect her. She’s a lovable character although she is weary of who she socializes with. She is real, she will tell you as it is without prettying it up. She likes to be independent but you won’t find her shouting it at every given chance. She doesn’t like to rely on anyone. Her focus is on her future and ambitions rather than guys. She tries to distance herself from drama as she dislikes people talking negatively about her. She will always try to help her closest friends when they are down as she’d expect the same from them. She is “wifey material” and for this reason a lot of guys pursue her rather than her sex.

Beta female. She can be mistaken for an alpha female as just like a beta male she will try to befriend alpha females in anticipation of becoming one and to camouflage. She sees nothing wrong with using her assets to gain what she desires. She does not feel attractive until a guy approaches her or compliments her, in turn boosting her self confidence. She will fight in order to keep a man or even pursue a guy who is already taken. She likes attention and will seek it even if it means dumbing herself down or dressing more provocatively. She will watch a “friend” suffer as she will feel as though it’s not her place to offer support but will get upset if that same friend won’t help her in her time of need. She will separate her friendships and relationships as much as possible as she creates different personas to please them. She likes to trade and exchange gossip about those that trust her with their secrets. She also likes to pass judgement on everyone but herself. Her low self respect and esteem are clearly visible and for this reason guys will take advantage. She complains about always finding the wrong guys but refuses to believe the problem starts with her. Most of the drama that she’s involved in revolve around a male. She can also be known as the butters friend or ‘John Terry’, in most cases she is actually not ‘butters’ but she feels the need to block any attention that doesn’t involve her. This is not the case in every cock blocking guys, sometimes were just helping out a friend who doesn’t appreciate the advances you’re making towards her.

A beta female introduces her closest female friends to her newly acquainted male friends. After the meeting one of the guys shows interest in one of the girls and asks the beta female about her. The beta female tells him to back off as her female friend is just a cock tease and is “not even that pretty”.

A beta female arrives at her flat with her friends in tow and her baby in the pram. A guy she’s been seeing is waiting outside in his car, she immediately runs over to indulge in a lengthy conversation. Her friends get irate as the baby has wet his nappy and she refuses to acknowledge him. They address the issue and ask her to at least go inside the flat and sort out her child. She responds by giving them her key and turning back to the car.

I may add to this as not all females may feel that any of these descriptions describe them but for now this is it. Thank you for reading my blog, subscribe if it makes things easier and all feedback is welcome.

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