I need a photographer

The other day I decided to help my mum rummage through the shed and we came across some precious photographs which were either before my time or to early for me to remember. I love going through old still images and trying to imagine and read each story from each picture. The beauty in being able to get lost in the past whilst sitting in the present. I will definitely have photo albums stacked up in my family home so that my children and visitors won’t forget any loved ones who have passed or they will be able to relive some of my many life stories. Now, I’m not a photographer and I envy those that are, I wish I had a camera and could capture the moments I would most like to remember. So many past times which cannot be remembered directly or that would make perfect pictures. Being able to cry, laugh or smile at the past is a gift. Our past is what makes us.

Below I’ve put some pictures which mean a lot to me. I won’t even write captions, I’ll leave you to figure out the story behind each one.











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