The side effects that our ex’s suffer from due to copious amounts of concentrated sunshine and summer heat.

I don’t know whether this is a trait that males experience as well but as a female I have discovered a pattern which happens annually during summertime and have also spotted it with my friends ex’s also. They want to make a reappearance in your life even if you haven’t spoken for that year or two or three!

I’ve been trying to find the relation with the time of year and the time in which they gain contact and I am so baffled. The don’t even have to necessarily be single but yet they will try their hand at sweet talking you and reminiscing. I do understand that everyone steps up their game during summer and will dress to impress and for this reason a lot more people are out and about but doesn’t that mean fresh new blood. Why rely on your ex?

I assume that you are not in that relationship at present and there is a reason why so what changes? The only reason I could understand venturing into the past is because you may feel that your ex already knows you and understands you emotionally and mentally. So is it in hopes of rekindling that feeling whilst the summer sun is out? Even when you have moved on and had relationships since? Why go backwards instead of forwards?

Is summer the time to reminisce, when you realize who you’d rather be spending the good times with or even waking up and realizing that you let something good slip through your grip. That or you actually keep all your ex’s contact details in the hopes that they won’t change and you can holler at them all and see which one falls for the act.

The only thing that actually grinds my gears about this repetitive behavior is the failure to acknowledge that people move on and don’t sit around waiting for a phone call to rekindle what was already lost. We have relationships, we break up, we work, we mingle, we may even find someone new so why contact to reminisce. You may be a forgotten fragment of someone’s past. A lost memory.

I was told I had a harsh opinion of why this behavior occurs. To me, it seems as though these guys “game” deteriorates with age or time or they haven’t matured until more recently and therefore they find it hard to talk to new people and start the whole getting to know someone process again or they miss the maturity you brought to the relationship and realize that is what they should be seeking rather than meaningless relationships or the current one their in here they feel the need to holler at you.

*sigh* in all honesty this post has not brought me any closer to the conclusion, I am still as confused as I was before. Ex’s just think about it before you try to regain contact, she/he has probably moved on and you should to. Reminiscing doesn’t always bring back good memories and can summon the bad, just don’t go there.

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