Inner and outer score card via @LuckeyKi

This post has been influenced by a concept a friend described to me (twitter @LuckeyKi) in which I believe genuinely exists. The inner and outer score card. The best way for me to express both his & my views is to explain what each means and entails.

The inner score card
These are those that base thier decisions and thought processes on their own judgements and beliefs. They will exclude what others think or what others are doing in order to please themselves. Jumping on a bandwagon is not an option as this person is more likely to have started the trend rather than follow. Even if people laugh and ridicule them they will continue to do as they want. They feel as though they have to live their life fit for them as it is THEIR LIFE. They are not living for anyone else. Peoples expectations or generalizations will not affect their actions whether it’s for the bad or good. It is harder to tell someone with an inner score card about their life as they’d prefer to learn from their own mistakes and would rather listen to their own advice.

The Outer Score card
This would best describe those that are easily influenced. A trait may be that they tend to put others feelings before theirs. They will question those around them about which decision or action they should take and then deliberate between the answers. They will listen to the majority before contemplating the minority. They are more tempted to follow fashion as they don’t want to be excluded, this could derive from a feeling of needing acceptance. They won’t test the boundaries and do anything out of the ordinary in fear of people noticing them and branding them weird or strange. They would prefer to blend in than be bold and stand apart from the crowd.

Examples of an inner and outer card

Two young men decide to visit a Gucci store in order to make a purchase. After much deliberating they get to the belt section and both see a belt they like. It has no visible indication that it is Gucci branded and is quite subtle. The man with the inner score card decides that he will purchase it. The other man, outer score card, also likes the subtle design but knows that no-one will recognize that it is Gucci so he ignores what he initially desired and goes for one which has the hologram boldly and repetitively printed on it with a large ‘G’ buckle.

3 thoughts on “Inner and outer score card via @LuckeyKi

  1. Black Supahero says:

    Once again I don’t fully fit in any one category but I’m more inner than outer. I like to be diff but hate the idea of setting trends because I actually like my individuality.

    I also consider others feelings in my decision making but I’ve never prone to be influenced by others, in fact sometimes I feel like an anti-conformist as I refuse to wear any clothing item that I see is common amongst people ‘similar’ to me… Especially the one with the man on a horse.


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