London riots.. Open your mind..

Rioters views:
I’m fed up of being that “hooded thug” that gets stopped on every corner of every road just for breathing the same air as anyone else. Judged by the language I use as though it’s not part of this generations culture. A policeman, politician or someone of an upper class will look at me and pass judgement on my character and which side of the law I am on by my clothes alone. As soon as I open my mouth in public people step sideways to avoid being in my path and start moving as though I’m going to rob or attack them. They go on as though they don’t understand our issues with the police. It’s not even the fact that you stop me 365 a year but then you refuse to show me any respect at all, violating my rights as though I don’t know the law, passing comments which you know will infuriate me and cause tension. Hinting that I’m a member of a gang or that I’m a drug dealer because I’m moving suspicious when I question on which grounds you are stopping me. If the police and politicians can’t respect me why must I respect them.

Looters views:
I’m not a criminal, this is not the way I choose to live my life but it is hard to resist temptation. When something which is unaffordable to you becomes available right in front of you for free and no-one is there to stop you, it’s difficult to walk away. Stealing is something I don’t regularly take part in and I wouldn’t necessarily choose to do it again but it was just the golden opportunity. I just wanted to have the luxury of having things which I can’t normally have.

Police view:
Our authority is repetitively undermined. The riot proved it. No-one give us the respect we are due. Those that fight against us are the same that would ring us in an emergency to help them. In a world where we are hired to enforce the law we need people to listen to us and acknowledge us. It is frustrating that we are viewed as a unit that want to cause every one problems when we are doing the exact opposite. We got into these jobs to help our communities not fight against them.

Politicians views:
This new yob culture is disgusting. We are all taught right from wrong and it is as simple as that. All those that played a part are criminals. They have no excuse as to why they would behave like such animals. They have in turn destroyed their own communities and their own fellow local’s livelihoods. They have embarrassed this country. You can’t blame our economic struggles or lack of opportunities as there were people from strong educational and occupational backgrounds involved. This was an act of destruction and greed and nothing more. These people take no pride in the towns, cities or country that they are from.

In all honesty the problem is that each of the groups find it hard to explore the others point of views. There are many things that happened in the riots that I saw that disgusted me but I am able to see the reasoning behind them whether I agree or not. Stereotypes fed up of being generalized and treated in a certain way due to them fitting into a certain stereotype, then behaved like stereotypes to prove their point. The idea of rebellion is not one I’d shoot down but only if done in a certain way, a way that would actually help clarify the upset. It upsets me when politicians speak on the matter as I feel as though they can have no say on the matter. Half of them were on holiday at the time, which seems slightly suspicious to me, and they do not know what it’s like to walk in those that rebelled’s shoes. If they have never felt targeted by the system or felt a hunger for something which they can’t afford than who are they to pass judgement. You don’t necessarily have to walk in their shoes but at least try to show some kind of understanding. This also related to the police, this tension did not arrive over night this has been on going. A level of understanding has to be found before this can be solved.


2 thoughts on “London riots.. Open your mind..

  1. Deborah Marie (@DeborahxMarie) says:

    You are absolutely right about there being a level of understanding before this issue can be resolved. I myself was appalled, disappointed, shocked and upset at the events which occurred and also disappointed that it had to come to this. Everyone from politicians, to the looters, to the police and rioters are trying to play the blame game and this is not what the country needs, before resolving the issue. I personally think that the riots was a cry for help.

    It’s a like a child who is living in a home with their mother and their stepfather. The child is not happy about the situation in the house and they have had to put up with it for a long long time because neither parents, although aware of the situation do anything about and brush it off because they feel as though they have more other priorities and as long as that child is healthy and is getting what they should be getting the child should stay quiet. The child having enough of this, when the opportunity arises, decides to do something outrageous, something which both parents would never expect the child to do. The child’s action is a cry for help, attention which both parents should sit down and think about the different things that may have led the child to acting this way. Although the child may have been the one to do that ‘something outrageous’ the parents too have to take responsibility for not listening to the child when the child was communicating with them about their dissatisfactions.

    What everyone involved needs to be doing is taking responsibility rather than shifting onto one another. The point of the story is, whatever the child is could have been avoided, so could have the extreme to which the riots went if those who were not being listened to, had been listened to and made to feel valued members of the society.


    • mslissa23 says:

      So true! And if no-one decides to tackle this head on then there will be a repeat of this a couple months down the line. If only they’d let me get a seat in the house of parliament lol I’d open up their eyes.. I love ur example though!!


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