Illegal Money Vs Legal Money

This post is going to be about the choices we make when it comes to making money.  There are a lot of ideologies and stigma that are attached to the phrases illegal and legal money, not necessarily right or wrong and I want to focus on the correlations between money and class.  The similarity between the two is that those participating share the same goals, to make money.

No matter what country you were born in, what language you speak or what culture you are from, the importance of money is internationally known and understood.  This is what our dreams are made of.  Gambling and chasing that big win.  Working 7 days a week 9-5 until our bodies shut down.  Selling drugs ‘on the block’.  You turn on your TV and you are bombarded with advertisements promoting expensive and luxurious products and services, of which some we can afford and some we cannot.  We are driven by our hunger of living like those that are rich, such as celebrities, so bad that we begin to imitate them or become willing to do anything to gain a similar income to which they are earning.  We are never content with the amount of money we have contained in our bank accounts or wallets and purses as we crave more.  We idolize other people’s lifestyles and envy what others have.  We are given a correlation that is, the better the quality the more expense to be paid, therefore to attain a better quality life we have to obtain a lot more money.  The more money you have the more opportunities you have in life which brings me on to my next point, there is a strong correlation between the amount of money you have and the class that you are in, such as middle or working class, but obviously there are certain exemptions.

Illegal Money

When someone says to me ‘illegal money’ the first thing I think is fast money.  If it is not fast it is not worth the risk.  It is a way of skipping the formalities of having an occupation and working on more loose terms.  It also tends to be big money; it is for those that are more impatient.  Why sit around in an office 5 days of the week, 8 hours a day, when you could run an ‘AC’ and gain half a years’ wages at once.  Why go out handing out CVs when you can find a drug dealer easily and start working and selling ‘big bits’ on your own terms within a few days.  Easy money.   Also illegal money does not discriminate; anyone is entitled to trying to make it.   You can form cartels and empires from illegal money and get those luxurious things you have always wanted but you cannot gain class.  No matter how much money you earn it cannot buy your respect, outside of the outlaw world, within high society.  They will look down on you and scorn you.  You can never be likened to them as your methods are frowned upon and considered as the lazy mans route.  Don’t get me wrong, there are mob bosses and mafia leaders who can be spotted at events rubbing shoulders with those that are of the elite but they will never be accepted.  No one wants to associate themselves with the criminal in fear of falling down with them when everything crumbles.  As a friend once said to me (@LuckeyKi) ‘How can you play in the gutter and still smell like a garden of roses’?


Legal Money

This is what the majority are soaring for.  Money which is hard earned and hard graft but referring to what I was saying earlier, no one is content with what they have.  Some look at earning money the legit way as a struggle.  Those with ambitions try to work towards a career in which they research their desired salary and map out a plan to reach it but it is not guaranteed.  They see those that are born into money given more opportunities in life.  When searching for an occupation those that have very little are automatically discriminated against and oppressed.  They have no funds to further their education, skills and gain more qualifications.  They have to apply for the jobs which pay minimum wage and try to work their way up from the bottom whilst they watch those younger than them, of a higher class than them and not necessarily smarter than them become take on more superior roles.

In conclusion I don’t think money brings class.  I think you are born into your labeled class and that is it.  No matter how much money you make or how successful you become, your biography will always read ’he/she came from a ? class home’.  You are defined by what you are born into.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Money Vs Legal Money

  1. Black Supahero says:

    Interesting read. I like the end. Here is my theory on the many and career issue tho. Personally I’d rather a job I enjoy doing than a job that pays a lot. But this is usually the case: Most jobs will only be TWO of these three, and the complete opposite of what it isn’t.

    1) fun
    2) makes big money
    3) legal

    Eg. If a job is fun and legal, it don’t make big money. If it’s legal and makes big money, it’s probably not much fun. And if it’s fun and legal, well u already know what it is.

    This is the case with most jobs nowadays so it’s up to individuals what they value more I suppose.

    Keep it up Lisa. 🙂


  2. mrnunoo says:

    Hmm, Illegal vs Legal, had a long drawn out debate, with my Mum about this…

    I’ll have to disagree on the class part, class most certainly can be bought, especially over in the States. The situation is a little different here, where we still have a blooded aristocracy, there are certain places in British society its hard for even the David Beckhams of this society to enter.

    However, having a certain amount of money can place you in the higher middle classes. All in this section of society share certain traits, public schools, private healthcare, more than one car etc….

    They are set apart from other classes. You are not necessarily destined to stay in the same class the rest of your life there is chance to become socially mobile, or in the case of some riches to rags…


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