Something I’ve been working on..

As the title suggests, this is something I’ve been working on. It’s a little snippet. It’s the only snippet I’ll post.

He bit his tongue in an attempt to prevent himself from saying something which could cause the situation to become more hostile. He looked around to see if anybody was witnessing the predicament he was in but he was on a quiet residential side road, no-one was around.

“Come on. Gimme your money!”

He looked into the barrel of the gun which was being held in front of him. This guy knew him from nowhere, knew not what he was capable of or who he knew. He knew not to doubt this stranger, as his hands were nervously unsteady although he proceeded to act calm, yet he felt no fear. He looked the criminal straight in his eyes with no sign of emotion. He wasn’t trying to intimidate the stranger but he wanted to gain some insight. He read his soul, tried to find out whether this was a good man cornered into playing with evil or a man with the heart of just pure evil which he hadn’t discovered yet. He smiled as he found something he liked within the stranger. He then lightly laughed as he reached into his pocket and withdrew a cigarette.

“You got a lighter?”


“Have you got a lighter?”

“Just give me your money!”

He laughed again, this time more maliciously, and then a sly smirk became engraved onto his face. “Calm down John Wayne all I want is a lighter..” He looked at the cigarette and it miraculously lit itself, he then dragged on it. The stranger took a step back in disbelief but kept the gun at the same angle. “Bad habit.”

“What the fuck? What? What the fuck are you talking about?!” The perplexed stranger pulled back the safety mechanism on the gun to show how serious he was and to try and strike some fear into his victim.

“Bad habit, smoking.”

He was confused as to the way this guy was reacting. He didn’t seem scared, he was treating the situation as a joke. He began doubting the man’s mental stability and wondered whether this whole saga was even worth it. He’d spotted the black male from afar and chose to target him after analyzing his manor. He wore a suit and tie and walked with his head held high, he had a strong sense of confidence, held a briefcase and walked rather fast as though he had somewhere important to be. He didn’t expect a withdrawn, mentally challenged, magician.

“Nathan,” he pulled on his cigarette and then exhaled the smoke through both his mouth and nostrils, “I see something in you, now you can make your decision as to whether you want to pull the trigger, disappoint and anger me or you can put the gun back on your waist and listen to my proposition”.

“How’d you know my name?!”.

“I’m not going to talk to you while you still have that gun pointing at my head Nathan”. He said his last statement with a sense of sarcasm and with a patronising tone and then continued to slowly smoke his cigarette. “It’s your call.”

Nathan was in a state of bewilderment. He wanted to drop the gun and run away from this surreal situation. How could this random stranger possibly know who he was, he didn’t understand the mess he had got himself into. He began weighing up his options. If he walked away he was unsure of what else this man knew about him and he could report him to the police. If he shot him he’d have a dead body on his hands and in all honesty he wasn’t a murderer, he’d only ever been involved in petty crime. If he put his gun away and decided to let this guy proposition him then the situation could get a whole lot stranger. He looked at his chosen victim in detail as though it would help him make his decision.

All feedback welcome. Thank you for reading.

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