Am I sexy?

I’ve decided to write about the term which I believe is loosely used and what it means. I want to discuss whether the word “sexy” should be considered as a compliment. The idea for this post came about when one my followers, @CrizzyCraze, questioned whether there is a difference between, when a female calls a guy, sexy or handsome.

Now firstly I believe that you have to separate the meaning of the term sexy when used by both sexes. When women use the term sexy I automatically assume that they are lusting the person that they are describing, they see a distinctive feature that turns them on or that leads them to wonder what sexual relations with that person would be like. Sexy is a term we women like to use when we are describing celebrities especially as we fantasise of having the opportunity of, yeah you know where I’m headed lol. Men tend to use the term more loosely, I don’t think the initial thought or the words meaning changes when they use it but their attitude towards it is different to that of females. I think in both cases, for both males and females, a person can be considered sexy without actually being very attractive. Your body alone can make you sexy, or even your attitude, but the difference with males are that in most cases any female to catch their attention can be considered as sexy. I think this is because males are more prone to think about sex in every instance compared to females.

When a woman calls a man handsome I would think that she is admiring and appreciating the guys looks. It is very rare that you hear a guy express his appreciation for a girls looks, e.g. That girl is beautiful. This is not because they do not admire but more so because a beautiful female would ‘still get it’, in other words she is still considered sexy as she is still lust worthy. If anything she may be considered more sexy because she is beautiful. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all men think about when they see a woman is sex and girls are more prone to take the time to notice whether a man is good looking or not because in reality it is not that black and White, women do not even like to admit that we think about sex and I think this is where our attitudes when observing the opposite sex derive from.

As to whether sexy can be seen as a compliment, I guess it’s all in the mind of the observer. You don’t actually know whether they are calling you sexy because of your abs, your bum, your breasts, your car, your money, etc. For me, personally, I think the word is too commonly used and puts you in a category which is accessible to anyone. I hate seeing people get “gassed” when someone uses the word to describe them as though it’s special. I am a full package, not a breast or a bum cheek, I have a mind, a face, a brain, an attitude, etc and therefore if I am to be admired I want all of me to be in admiration.

3 thoughts on “Am I sexy?

  1. Anonymous says:

    From @BankoleUk
    You know it’s only rare that you hear a guy express his appreciation for a girls looks because of the gas level?????


  2. Black Supahero says:

    I think for most guys when we say sexy, we refer to bodily feature… Something along the coke bottle or barbie shape (depending on what you are into). When it comes to facial feature many would use beautiful, but I think ‘pretty’ is more of the correct term for that.

    Both sexy and pretty are diff compliments in my eyes. But beautiful tops both of them. Like u say, you are more than just your body and face, which is where beautiful comes in. I use beautiful to describe somebody as a whole… In short… Everything including their personality.


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