‘She just doesn’t get along with girls’

A small extract from a story I’ve been writing describing a certain type of girl. I don’t know what made me want to share this but I’ve decided to. My first post of 2012.

‘Oh you know her?’ He paused as Shan nodded and pulled a face as if something rather disgusting had just disrupted her sense of smell, ‘well from that face you’re pulling I’m guessing you know about her antics.’ Shan tried to play smart and although she had no idea of what antics Bones was referring to, she nodded in an attempt to fool him and usher him into continuing and exposing whatever he knew. ‘Well it is obvious, she doesn’t have any female friends, not even one. She loves men. Even from young.’

‘Well that doesn’t mean anything, she just doesn’t get along with girls. She understands and relates to guys more, just because she has male friends she’s a hoe? Men and women can be friends you know, it is possible.’ Shan didn’t mean to shut Bones’ explanation down but she was expecting solid evidence of these antics he spoke of. The joke was that the judgement he was passing she had done also upon meeting Chantelle.

‘She understands what guys WANT more you mean. It’s not that she can’t get along with girls, she simply doesn’t want to. I’ve watched and analysed her behaviour, she seeks all male attention no matter from who or where, therefore whenever another female enters the equation, no matter who they are or their relationship to the males, they automatically become a threat as they may become the centre of attention, especially if previous to their arrival she was the only female which usually is the case. She becomes distant, starts giving evil eyes and causes tension in order to make the female feel uncomfortable and unwanted and then blames it on them…’

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