Black Ice Ents (@Blackiceents) – Hero

So I received a press release the other day which caused a lot of excitement for me. It was from my homeboy @icesoloko confirming the release of his new single, alongside @icejhill as part of the black ice duo, “Hero” Feat. Akua. I’m sorry I didn’t share this news with you all earlier but you already know what I’m like. If you know your music you will be able to hear the different elements extracted from varied genres of music; pop, RnB, grime, house and dubstep. This means it can easily be loved by everyone no matter your preference.

New Single – ‘Hero’ – Out 12th December 2012 – on Ten10 Records

Including remixes from Black Ice Ents, Get Sum, KG and Drapez

“Lost, abandoned, hurt and torn apart were the emotions left running through the mind of a broken hearted Akua. She creates an image of her search for fulfillment and happiness that she believes will rescue her from her state of emptiness. Who will save her? Who will be her hero?

Not only does the Hero single create a fusion of musical genres, but also consists of a range of diverse remixes. These include a dance/house mix by Black Ice Ents, a dubstep mix from Get Sum (Chicago, USA), a UK garage mix from female radio presenter/producer KG and a grime/hip-hop mix from the producer/DJ/rapper Drapez. This release package sets to be very promising for one of the UK’s most exciting and up and coming talents. A short film shot in Bournemouth, UK, will accompany the Hero record.”


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