Money Makes Me Cum

Whoa, before I get into this post I need to write a disclaimer, this title does not express my personal opinion or feelings. No, you’re money will not convince me to climb into your bed.

It seems to be a common trait, within men, to impress the opposite sex using money. This does not have to be in the physical form, it could be evident via the fairytales he may tell, via the clothes he has on, via his chosen form of transport, etc. I have personally experienced guys trying to woo me over by bragging about the amount of money that they earn and the car that is currently parked outside. I find this almost comical. I feel as though any man who has to show off is not as wealthy as he may present himself to be. Also there is no proof that he owns this money he speaks of.

Girls, and I use the term girls because you are not mature if the thought of SOMEONE ELSE’S wealth excites you, his flashy car could belong to a rental company, those designer threads could be the only ones that he owns and has to recycle on a regular basis. The next time a man brags about his material belongings ask him how much he has in his bank account, £300 jeans with empty pockets seems to have an attachment of irony. I think a skill which we have to learn whilst aging is one of good judgment, although they say not to judge a book by its cover, the way somebody presents themselves to you is how the first impression is made. What is appealing about a man who feels that in order to gain your interest all he has to do is flash a bit of cash around and you will fall to your knees? I find it quite offensive. I’ve had a guy tell me that he earns £10,000 a week and would pick me up from work in his x5, I couldn’t help but laugh and thought to myself ‘does this approach actually work for him’. I came to the conclusion that it must anywise he would not use it, there must be females out there who’s eyes would widen and their undergarment’s soil at the mention of his finances. It could be argued that the amount he stated was the turn off for me, you never know how believable that is and secondly it would have to come solely from illegal activity unless he kicks ball. My initial impression of this guy was what a fool.

This ideology that is now being practiced to pick up females has begun to put me off of clubbing. I once worked in a club behind the bar and the frustration that built up within me was one which led me to quit after one night. I became angry with the guys that turned up at the bar to stunt, this may stun some people as maybe it shouldn’t have bothered me but it vexed my spirit. Guys asking for multiple bottles of champagne and after I had told them the price they then thought it would be clever to give me the money in £20 notes ONE BY ONE, after I had just witnessed them count it before their little parade to try and draw attention. Those that know me know that I am usually a very happy person but when irritated I will voice my upset, I had to ask who they were trying to impress and unless they were going to give me a lovely tip they needed to refrain from acting like an idiot. Another guy asked for champagne and we had run out of champagne glasses so I had to give him glasses instead, it was as if he wanted to fight me, for imagery, he got so agitated after a heated argument with me that he asked for my manager. I couldn’t believe it. All because he wanted a champagne glass so that the world knew he was drinking champagne. What lifestyle are you living when you buy a drink in order to show others you can afford it. I’m guessing that he wanted to impress the females in the club but if not then I am highly confused. I’m not even to get started on the empty bottle holders or this post will never conclude. If the bottle is empty just let it go.

I know there are females and males reading this post and thinking, she’s lying, if a rich man introduced himself to her she would entertain it, may even be willing to behave in a manner which she thought was demoralizing previous. What is wrong with finding a man who can treat you, take you to places that you have never been and spoil you? There’s nothing wrong with it but for me I feel as though I don’t want to demand standards which I can’t uphold myself. Having a gold digging persona, whilst living on benefits is not acceptable. A woman who has no ambition or desires to make money for herself and would rather land a man who will fund and mind her is embarrassing. I never want to be that woman. I am not claiming that the man I end up spending my life with will earn less or equal to me, I am just stating that until I am comfortable with my finances I will not look towards someone else to fill that void.

I don’t expect to change minds but I hope to provoke some thoughts. A man who feels that he has to give you an overall view of his accounts upon your first meeting is someone who may be used to using that method in order to get girls into bed. It is not necessarily flattering. The girls who accept this approach and embrace it are the reason why women, who are not entertained by the lack of effort, have to suffer, further more why not question why a guy would want a female who is only turned on by his money rather than him.

Thanks for reading my post it’s much appreciated.

One thought on “Money Makes Me Cum

  1. Yillah says:

    You know it’s funny cos this is just like something I’m currently working on. I had a girl described some men as being ‘stingy’ for not spending on her and it had me thinking.


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