Access Denied


I can honestly say it feels good to be back. I’ve been saying, for the longest, that I need to make a comeback and this was reinforced when I was at a good friends birthday gathering, AKA let’s all get merry and crash out on the bathroom floor, oh that was just me? Any who, continuing with my story, I was asked by someone, who I had no idea had visited my blog, why I had stopped blogging. The question threw me off because in my mind I hadn’t stopped, I’d just taken an over extended vacation. That was my cue, I began bumping some Drizzy Drake NTWS and muttered some expletives to my writers block. Access denied.

Recently I went through a stage of thinking I need to be ‘out there’. This resulted in me taking my Instagram off of private, joining insta message and also juggling Facebook and whatsapp. This lasted the best of a week. I wasn’t impressed by the approach of not only random strangers but pre historic creatures I unpleasantly have the ‘pleasure’ of knowing. This isn’t a post about thirst but embracing the access denied theory. I love feeling as though there’s some boundary between me and those I purposely choose not to socially indulge in.

Access Denied Theory
It all boils down to the appeal of mystery. I feel as though mystery and restricted access raises the value of anything. When something becomes too accessible the demand for it decreases. I’m hoping this is making sense, let me get some examples circulating. The easiest example to refer to is sex. Those who are publicly promiscuous become unattractive in most circumstances, there are always exemptions, but it doesn’t need to reach the point of sexual favours to lose appeal. I’ve had guy friends judge females by the amount of friends they have on Facebook or even by who their mutual friends are. This is not a fictitious account for your entertainment girls, guys can’t deny that they have never used this method.

The week in which I experimented made me feel as though I was losing stripes by the minute. The people that were trying to gain contact were rude to even think I’d entertain them. The game was definitely Sunday league worthy, bare hopeful long balls with no recipients on the other end. It reminded me of my MSN days, A/S/L (age, sex, location for those who were living under a rock or were too young.)

The conclusion being, there is nothing wrong with being ‘anti social’ or disappearing/ghosting. People appreciate your appearances a lot more, they have to think through their approaches as they know you could disappear if they come at you wrong. Your time is valued a lot more and it’s easier to live for yourself when you’re the only person you worry about.

One love, one peace, one metropolitan police.

2 thoughts on “Access Denied

  1. Cilla says:

    An issue im going through at the moment especially with those who have started to take for granted my “friendship” or “relationship” with them, seems like when i take this approach im alot more respected then before. One of the best movements you could make to be honest. At the same time being an artist and continously being demanded to have a “presence” online makes it difficult for me when i have those days when i simply dont want to be so active online. But in relation to you i had a moment of realisation the other day when i thought about just how much i valued your friendship when you were around alot more, the power of distance ey!


    • mslissa23 says:

      Aww cilla, my fave celeb Babygirl lol. I can imagine how much harder it is for u as u need to have a presence in order to promote your music but ur right, people suddenly respect and appreciate u when u ghost & even in reference to music, I remember first hearing the Weeknd and being unable to find one single image of him. I think the mystery bought in a lot of fans, they were unable to judge his image which made it different from the norm & they all wanted to know who he was, I think it made us listeners respect his music a lot more as we could only rely on our ears. *sigh* the struggle is real!


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