Look At All These Moniessssss

This post was inspired by a conversation I had yesterday. (Yes I am forever talking, it’s genetic, there is not a cure for the disease that I have.) The conversation centred around the concept of; the more money encountered the harder it is to save. The logic?

Remember when you were in your late teens, no discrimination young’ns, running up and down. Buying the latest trends and visiting your social hangouts no matter the cost of travel or gifts you had to bring to the party, ( I’m referring to the extra curricular activities you had to contribute to.) You barely had money from EMA at college, you lucky ones, or that pocket money you were receiving from that minimum wage job you worked slave hours at. Oh sorry, I almost forgot the spoilt kids who were getting pocket money from their parents, either way the money we received managed to stretch. We were never too broke to leave our places of residence. How?

The change in our money management and budgeting skills could arguably be in relation to responsibility. The creased forehead and pierced lips frown we display after tax, after the monthly student loan repayment is deducted, after the rent has been debited, after you have paid your bills, etc. Then after working so hard and earning this money, which has disappeared before it has even reached your account, you want to enjoy yourself and party hard as a release, even if it is just for one night. I don’t even want to talk about the figures, or lack of, in my account after a good night out. (The same guys that are ‘balling’ can’t buy any females a drink that would make them look like a mug to their guy friends, they buy bottles to impress the other guys, prove that they’re the biggest baller, a slightly gay concept to me, nothing wrong with that. Embrace your gay.) Then you want to treat yourself with some or a gift for your hard labour. Mathematically we are looking at £££ – (tax+student loan+rent+bills+etc) = 0 – (night out + retail therapy) = overdraft maxed out.

Well that was a short blog post, problem solved. NOT. Further to this I’ve realised that a lot of people, especially with the increasing popularity of social networks, are suffering at the hands an infection called stunting. Instagram plays host to a lot of stunting patients. Daily pictures of new clothes, new cars, new jewellery, holiday escapades, etc. we can’t deny that we’ve looked at some of these pictures and pondered where the users funds come from, maybe even envied the lifestyle that they portray. Now I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but a lot of these culprits are lying. Many of these people have been exposed to me personally via those who know them/ friends. I even know some culprits personally, who may not necessarily use social networks, that flaunt and indulge in fake brands or luxury goods which cannot be afforded purely to convince others of their wealth and success. Faking it until they make it.

This infectious trend, I feel, is partly to blame for peoples spending habits. Trying to keep up with those who are unable to keep up or maintain their own imagery. We’re all trying to live this royal lifestyle on a pauper’s budget. I don’t want to reach 30 and only then start considering savings and deposits. I want a healthy balance. Financial advisers are welcome to comment and leave a step by step guide. I’m done with balling on a budget, especially when those who are impressed by the display are non-mother f*cking factors.

Can I just win the lottery please?

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