Sidechick Grooming Now Available

Remember my post some time ago about men struggling to stay single, (I’ll post the link below this post), I have now made new discoveries linking to my theory.

The grooming of sidechicks. We automatically associate the term sidechicks with negativity. A female who knows the role she is playing, understands that she is not the main woman, which does not stop her from entertaining the male in question, but in this case it may not be so. It may not even be fair to give these females the sidechick title as a lot of the times they are unaware of what is actually going on. Let me stop rambling on and get into it.

As stated in the post I made reference to, I feel as though a lot of men struggle to stay single, they need someone there. So what should a man do when he sees his relationship nearing a devastating break up? I want to point out that in almost all of these cases there is no guarantee that the relationship is going to end but the possibility is enough to throw any man into panic. He seeks his next prey, although his current relationship has not ended, and begins making a move. This is in order to maintain some sort of relationship when his current one deteriorates. He will automatically dive into the new one, he may already have indulged before the break up, as a coping mechanism or even as a way to stroke his ego. This way he can convince himself there is nothing wrong with him personally and this is enforced by his ability to find another partner in no time at all.

There are several dangers when exercising this method. The female being groomed may not be compatible and may only excite the guy as she is a potential rebound. At the point he seeks his next prey his desire to not be alone outweighs whether he likes the female. Many times the female being groomed is unaware of her potential boyfriends situation, if both her and the current wifey were to investigate and find any evidence the plan would backfire leaving the guy lonely. It is rare that the new relationship a guy dives into lasts for a lengthy period of time & he ends up having to use the same method a couple if months after.

I raised this topic on my Facebook a couple days ago and was told that males are not the only ones guilty of using this method. It’s true to a certain extent. Females tend to be more emotional beings, instead of trying to seek another they will find someone who they can express their emotions to. Sometimes the job falls on their female friends but there are guys who sit in the friend zone waiting for the first train out and are willing to play the “cry on my shoulder” role. They will entertain a females upset and let her “emotionally cheat” with them in an attempt to be her first choice if and when there is a break up. I feel as though this differs to a males grooming of a female as men will go as far as to date or sleep with another female whereas females seek an emotional comforter, they are not necessarily trying to recruit a replacement just someone that understands.

Ladies, put in that research! Don’t be fooled, you don’t want people referring to you as a home wrecker or side chick when it was never your intentions or your style. Guys, what’s wrong with being single?

Thanks for reading, much love.

Link to Can Men Be Single Post

One thought on “Sidechick Grooming Now Available

  1. Yillah says:

    lol this is too entertaining… this is how i see it though… when a girl likes a guy, she really doesn’t care if he’s with someone, and that is usually how they end up in the situation u speak of. And of course the man is wrong, but how can a girl be asking whether or not a guy has a girlfriend… AFTER they’ve already done the deed. Not speaking from experience, but i’ve heard the stories.


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