Sidechicks aren’t Sidechicks anymore

This post topic has arisen due to the increasing amount of sidechicks who have managed to progress and earn a main chick promotion. The ability to go from someone who had no romantic future with a guy to his “only girl” is something which has to be respected right? I mean that’s hard graft.

No. The ability is cancelled out by the capability. Sidechicks are only allowed to do or claim what the male allows them too. Now I’m not promoting a male controlling any woman but this is not down to control, this is about boundaries, rules & regulations. A sidechick is thought to be the woman on the side, the side dish, the female who is part time and should expect no commitment from the guy she is seeing. I always assumed that the sidechick is aware of her position and which role she should play. It is not until recently that I realised that the boundaries are being blurred and this is the fault of the guys trying to play the game, honestly you lot have no clue.

Play her position
I do not condone this behaviour so this should not be mistaken as any kind of encouragement, I am merely making observations. A sidechick should not receive the benefits a girlfriend does otherwise there would be no point, it would be better to claim that you are trying to live a polygamous lifestyle if you want multiple but equal romantic relationships. It is not widely accepted for a male to parade his sidechick around as cheating is frowned upon whether or not it is committed frequently, also I would assume he is trying to hide his sidechick from his girlfriend. (In most cases I should say, as I have heard of girlfriends being aware of their boyfriend’s behaviour and allowing it to continue as they feel more power over him than any of the other girls he indulges in). She should not expect any kind of commitment from her lover as he is already “committed” to someone else and entered their fling with no intentions of offering her that stability or promise of a future. If a sidechick is aware that she is a sidechick then she should be aware of all of the above and play her position right? How can she demand anything more if she knew what it was from the beginning? This is where the confusion sets in.

Guys are confused
There are always going to be those exempt cases, you know the ones. He picked a psycho girl who pretended to be ok with the rules and regulations in the beginning but then changes her mind later down the line. She then does anything and everything in her power to make sure that the guy in question leaves his girlfriend for her. To be fair this is how most of the stories are told, making out that almost every sidechick is crazy girl determined to make her uncommitted lover hers. You’re a fool if you believe this is always the case. What about the guy, what about the role he plays? If a guy makes a female aware that he doesn’t want her then she should feel that no matter her actions she will never be able to get the guy. Thus meaning, if she were to potentially think out a plan to separate him and his current partner or even to trap him with a baby, there would be no beneficial outcome for her as he still would not entertain her (the crazy ones are the ones who don’t grasp this concept).

Now what if the guy is not adhering to the sidechick rules and regulations? What if he’s showering her with gifts and luxury dates? What if he walks in public with his arm around his sidechick’s waist whispering sweet nothings into her ear about what he’s going to do to her tonight when he should be with his main? What if he promises her his life but she has to wait until he manages to pluck up the courage to leave his girlfriend? (Peter Gunz scenario is an extreme example, he married his sidechick, whilst she was still a sidechick, play the game properly my brother). What about the point in time that he tells her he loves her or that he expects her to be exclusive to him? If a sidechick is able to say that the guy in question is doing any of the above who am I to tell her her position when he’s sending out mixed messages. The worst is when she is receiving better treatment than the girlfriend. Why is it not plausible for her to believe that she holds more power in the love triangle than the wifey. No boundaries have been set therefore it’s fine for her to go through his phone, locate the girlfriends number and be ringing her on a “he’s mine” tip.

If you know the amount of sidechick stories I’ve heard which relate to this topic it’s unbelievable. Guys are confused they are unable to distinguish who is who in the love triangle therefore it leaves the girls not truly knowing where they stand. It is quite common for me to hear stories nowadays about guys falling in love with their girl on the side. If you are prone to catching feelings then is it not plain to see that your are not suitable to be a player. A lot of females get the blame in these situations but guys are just as bad if not worse.

I’ve written quite a lot here and I know I can tend to drone on when I’m ranting so I’m going to leave this post here. Guys, this cheating behaviour is not something which I condone but you need to know what you are doing especially if what you are doing is wrong. You would not advise a pick pocket to rob a bank so why cheat if you know you just want love. Some males don’t gas their sidechicks heads in the name of love, some do it just to have them there but understand that you are creating more problems than what it is worth.

A sidechick cannot play her position if she does not know where to stand. Sidechicks aren’t sidechicks any more.

2 thoughts on “Sidechicks aren’t Sidechicks anymore

  1. Yillah says:

    I once read “Never lose a Good side chick over your main chick, it’s just not worth it”. Rules and regulation change all the time and I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here. Side chick are in fact running a form of audition for that main girl’s role… That’s how I see it.


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