Securing the Beat

This post has been inspired by a debate I was having with a friend a couple days ago. It centred around guys who will go over and beyond just to secure a beat. For those who do not understand, “beat” is a term used for sex. We’ve all heard or witnessed the scenarios in which a guy lies to a female and tells her he loves her just to make sure that he is able to gain access into her knickers. These are the men we are referring to, although lying about being in love is just a mild example of what these men are willing to do.

My friend and I both agreed that we consider these kind of men, or should I say boys, to be those who have no game. They are unable to rely on their personality or charm alone and therefore have to rely on lies, which tend to toy with the female in questions emotions. I am not referring to guys who lie about having a partner but those who solely lead a female to believe that their relationship is something other than what it is. The female may believe she is in an official, committed relationship because it is what she has been told by her “partner”, meanwhile he is out denying her or boasting about the sex he receives from her with no strings attached. He then has the cheek to complain when she and her friends jump on their private investigator part time jobs and find out what he is up to. You can’t call her crazy when his lies have led her to believe it is all justified. Why can’t she know what “her man” is up to, why can’t she question why the man who says he loves her is chilling with another female past watershed hours?

Now we’ve all heard about the “I love you” lie but my eyes have been opened and I have seen all kind of trickery used to “secure the beat”. Bringing “the beat” to meet your mother. I remember someone saying to me, in this kind of situation nobody can place any blame on the mother, it is solely the son. In my opinion a man learns how to treat women via his relationship with his mother/female carer first and foremost. If his mother does not have his respect why should any other female out there. The moment he begins to bring various, random females into your house and introduce you to them with no fear of you calling him out of his name he feels as though you are supportive of his lifestyle but this has slightly gone off topic. I’m just saying mothers, nip it in the bud.

Wait, it gets worse, how about bringing his mother to meet his “beats” mother, true story folks. Is this not too far? Is this when you have to realise that in order to get an easy beat you should not have to be treating the girl as though she is your other half? Is that not defeating the purpose? Guys you can’t even argue, she’s a friend with benefits we’ve established a friendship that’s why I treat her like so, no! You clearly do not understand the rules of the game! There’s worse to come, how about the guy who discusses and agrees to having a baby just to make sure his regular convenience store won’t close down -_-. I don’t want to drone on but it baffles me as to the amount of effort guys will put in for sex but won’t show the same enthusiasm when entering a relationship. Backwards. These examples may sound far fetched but they are far from, I promise you.

Any who, my friend and I began to debate as to who looks like the fool in the situation. She argued that although we can clearly see that the guys who do this are not built for this life another man could say, “But he got what he wanted in the end. He secured the beat.” He may have used unconventional methods but it worked. Tis true but I firmly believe that all his stripes should be stripped from him, I can’t ignore the way in which he had to earn the nookie. It’s like being told a child cheated on their maths test by switching their results with someone of more intelligence and then applauding the fact that they stole someone’s A*. No, why am I celebrating a child stealing someone’s grade whilst they’re still dunce. What have they really achieved, in the next exam he is going to have to do the same thing just to ensure he passes instead of actually learning and attempting it himself. In some situations the girl may be considered naive or silly but if someone is leading them on is it not hard to believe that it is all lies, especially when their actions seem to be that of a boyfriend. I don’t know what you guys believe but in my eyes the guy is a mug.

2 thoughts on “Securing the Beat

  1. Yillah says:

    tbf erm… i think you can’t compare lying to get laid with switching someones papers to get an A* grade… like the grades can always be rectified but you can’t exactly unfuck someone lol.

    and erm i don’t agree that guys who lie like that have no game, i think game comes in all diff forms i suppose but then again… what exactly is game?!

    this post is like something thats been playing in my mind tho… about the diff types of relationships and how maybe sometimes it’s necessary to lie to get to your goal… lol don’t judge but you’ll read more when i resume blogging soon…ish!


    • mslissa23 says:

      Lol I wasn’t referring to the fact it can be rectified just the act of cheating in itself, it’s not something to be proud of.. Every1s definition of game is diff but lying is not a definition I’ve come accross for it, I think starting with deceit is the worst way to start, you’ve already played with the trust in the relationship


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