Guy code

Is there a guy code? Does such an ethic exist? If you are a male reading this and asking yourself what is a guy code, I’m assuming it’s a myth. Personally, my first thought when hearing the phrase is that it’s a lie used to enforce rules as of when a guy feels as though a girl should be off limits.

It may come across as harsh but I feel that a lot of guys cannot rationalise when in close proximity to a vagina. Have you ever heard a male say that they didn’t think clearly until they bus’ a nut? I believe this to an extent. If this theory is true than it would make sense as to why this “guy code” could be non existent. The fact that a male may find it harder to begin any thought process into whom he is about to enter sexual relations with or entertain on a level which could, in turn, cause a problem in a friendship he has with a guy who has some kind of relation to the female in question. The thought of the act would only become apparent after the fact.

Another point, which I have seen too often, is how many males like to downplay their feelings or relations with a female. You know the type, “she’s a bitch I can’t deal with her”, “she’s mad”, “she’s a hoe”, etc. Now guys, a short lesson, if you downplay your feelings or emotions than no one will know how you feel besides yourself. You cannot, therefore, be surprised when a guy you know swoops in. You’ve led him to believe that she is no longer, or never was, a big deal to you. No longer a consideration. On the market, allowing a free for all frenzy.

A male friend of mine bought up the topic earlier this evening and used an example. A guy who was seeing a female in the same workplace, this is dangerous in itself, but now has broken up. The girl has now decided to sleep around in the workplace. I’m bringing this up because some females are scheming and will use the lack of guy code to try and hurt an ex partner or someone who they feel has hurt them but felt no repercussions as of yet. They are willing to use themselves as a pawn. Peasants *Mama Dee’s voice*. But if all the guys in the workplace are aware of her past relationship with the fellow employee would that not stop them from touching her? I think it’s a much more difficult situation when a girl is offering it on a plate, the process of offering it to as many as possible in the hopes that one will break the “guy code”. The moral focus is more focused on a guy realising he is being used to hurt a friend rather than knowing he shouldn’t be doing it. It sounds bad but I feel as though our minds are set to believe it’s ok for us to hurt someone we are close to but we would want to fight another who tried to do the same to out loved ones.

Guys SHARE. You heard right. You lot like to share, when did that change. Passing girls around the circle via recommendation, perfect PR. The only time I would assume it would not be alright to share is when in love. This is where it becomes touchy as there should be some code when love is involved but in relation to my statement earlier, guys like to play down feelings in fear of feeling emasculated.

My last point is that a lot of guys like to pick and choose when the guy code should be applied which would result in everyone having their own views on what the code consists of. Females know, you can’t entertain my crush, you can’t sleep with my crush, you can’t entertain my man, you can’t sleep with my man, exes are off limits and so are immediate family members! Lol is the guy code even applied to friends sleeping with sisters, it has to be but saying that I know some guys who have done the dirt with their friends sisters.

I mean what do you think? Does the guy code exist?

One thought on “Guy code

  1. Yillah says:

    In terms of your example, I don’t think guy code extends to ‘colleagues’, i.e., the people we work with but don’t really consider friends outside of work. Your other point is accurate too: the code mainly applies when there is emotions involved. If I like a girl and I am unsuccessful in getting with her, then my friends can give it a shot if they choose. But long-term relationship exes… That’s a definite Nono.


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