Random Journal Insert

I haven’t kept a journal for years and to be honest I haven’t committed myself to starting one any time soon but on one particular morning, bored and late on my daily commute, I documented what was happening around me and how I felt at the time.

I may actually start writing a journal again as I think it’s hilarious reading your inserts back and realising how much you’ve changed whilst also jogging your memory. Any who back to the point, not that you should all be interested but I thought why not post what I have written.

09 October 2014
So, I’m writing this as I’m sitting on my usual bus to work, late. Pissed because I haven’t received not one good morning message, yes this little princess likes to feel appreciated and remembered. This is out of the ordinary for me. So as I sit here cursing my contact book under my breath, pure bad words, I’m forced to pay attention to what is going on in my surroundings, rather than focusing on virtually socialising on my phone.

I see rain through the steamed up windows, which is dampening my mood as I’m already late and it was only yesterday that my manager told me off for my tardiness. I’m blaming the rain, I actually attempted to get in on time. It seems as though rain and snow causes all kinds of havoc on London roads and you’re forever stuck in permanent traffic. My bus was 25 minutes late!

I then look ahead a couple seats in front of me and witness a young loved up couple. Play fighting, giggling, touching, talking, laughing, etc. My reaction? I need a car! Yuck. I’m being subjected to watch love & it’s by force. Then I start to envy what I see, start to realise that my disgust could be seen as a form of jealousy. Looking down I realise how many layers I have on in order to rebuke the cold, it feels like winter. Winter is coupling season, less layers are needed, meaning less money is spent on clothing, if you have a partner, due to the cuddling in bed instead of being out and about or trying to accumulate body heat. Yes, that is my theory.

My point is winter is upon us. Certain people are seeking that 3 month temp partner. I never understood the link between seasons and relationships but I do now. The season of misery, cold, freezing, ice and rain, who really wants to leave their house in this with no advantages to gain. How much more appealing it must be to call ur partner and ask them to come and see u while ur tucked up in bed, warm & waiting. *sigh* I guess it’ll be me and my water bottle marking my 2 year single anniversary next month. 😂😭.

Post done now I’m at my stop guys and dolls.

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