If you want to be wifed you need to be respected

You want a male to take you seriously. To respect you. To appreciate you.

But do you take yourself seriously? Insecurity plays a major role in regards to women not being taken seriously by others and also themselves. Some women are more driven by the image they feel guys are attracted to in comparison to how they, themselves, want to appear. I have seen this to mean that the women I speak of will act in a manner just to obtain the opposite genders attention, even if it means disregarding their own beliefs of how they should behave. They are so unsure of their ability to attract a male whilst being themselves and living by their own values that they have to adopt another’s to keep interest aroused. Those who suffer from this syndrome tend to think that they are in competition with other females all the time, including their friends and family. Everyone becomes a threat. This is not only off putting to men but to women alike, no woman wants to hear her friend accuse her of flirting with her man. This results in a lack of female companions.

Do you respect yourself?
Do you? Think about it? I’m not referring to sexual activity, that’s just scraping the surface. What do you feel you deserve? A man who wants to marry you and create perfect gene babies, that’s nice. And then what, life? Career? A better you? If you are willing to settle, for the picture of what you desire rather than the reality, how can you ever believe you deserve more? Further more how can you believe anyone will ever be willing to give you more? We chase dreams because we want to live them, and when it is said like that I sympathise slightly with the females who dream of this “hubby” and believe that the guy, who has no interest in her beyond sexual favours, will fulfil her fantasy. But at the same time, no! If I dream that I am going to be a footballer I will chase football not volleyball. This theory can also be applied to men. If I dream of a man that respects me and truly wants me then I will chase just that, not a man who just wants some fun, seeing a multiple array of girls and shows no interest in settling down.

Do you appreciate all that you have to offer?
I’m referring to your characteristics which make you unique, which contribute to being you. Are you able to identify what they are and why you love them? Are these points which you are proud of and want people to publicly acknowledge about yourself? Many women find that they lack substance after a long period of chasing Mr Right by dating all the Mr Wrongs. The relationships are never based on who they are as a person or general chemistry, it borders on convenience and sexual tension. They find it hard to hold a conversation which doesn’t involve talking about the other sex or sex itself as it’s all they can relate to. They forget what they liked about themselves and begin liking the things men adore about them, for example, looks or their bodies. Their selling point becomes sex in one way or another.

Now how do you then demand a serious committed relationship with a guy who can give you all that you want when you cannot give yourself all that you want?

Take yourself seriously first and foremost. You don’t want to end up looking like Hazel E in love and hip hop Hollywood!

One thought on “If you want to be wifed you need to be respected

  1. James Gravell says:

    Trying to wrap my head around the terminology “to be wifed” – perhaps I’m just out of touch with pop culture.
    I understand you’re promoting originality in this post, and self respect – I just like many other (somewhat educated) men would rather have a one-night-stand with a glamour model and marry a doctor than the other way round. It is entirely true that men will likely marry the same woman they’d be proud to take home to their parents.
    Let’s turn this around.
    If a man is blindingly attractive, but is flipping burgers down the local McDonald’s and spending his spare time looking for Mrs Right down the local Tiger Tiger. Chances are he’ll get a lot of one-night-stand’s.
    Another man is a lawyer, in his spare time he’s in coffee shops reading the times, or writing blogs. Sure there are fewer Mrs Rights in these places. But if he meets one, she’ll have a ton more respect for him than the one that found him at Tiger.
    This applies to women too.
    If a woman cannot respect her own dreams, ambitions and life goals, and is just looking for Mr. Right, they’ll struggle to find him. They’ll spend their spare time seeking a mate, as opposed fulfilling their own fantasies. Most marriages that last, are those found not by two people searching for love, but by merely stumbling upon it while living your own life to the fullest.
    At aged 50, would you rather say ‘I married at 24, but spent the last 26 years trying to juggle my social life with building a career’.
    Or would you rather say ‘I built my career while I was young, I married at 30 and spent the last 20 years happily married, as we already knew what we were both all about’.
    I know which one I’d pick 😉

    I agree with your post, Mel, nice blog.

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