I need to breathe

I enjoy my own company, my own space, my own air. I’ve been alone long enough to know how to love it. Please do not mistake this as me boasting. I believe it to be both a blessing and a curse.

I question why people are so afraid of being by themselves. I think the ideal is worse than the reality, the idea of not having that never ending companionship. But I have friends and family who will be with me until the dire end so why would I consider it to be as though I’m doomed to die by myself? Of course I understand the concept of sharing everything including your life’s experiences and time with one person, and that’s nice and all, but if time were to permit that I be alone I don’t think I would lose tears.

That perfect family portrait. Mum, Dad and their 2.4 children. I will be the first to admit that if I am to have children I dream that I’d be in a relationship with their father. It’s becoming the norm to live in a household with only one parent present. I’ve never wanted to blend into the masses. Two parents who take their role seriously are better than one and I believe it to be the attitude my children should take. But once again I don’t believe that being a single parent is anything to stifle a persons happiness, things may be harder alone but happiness begins with yourself.

Less stress. Lesser stress. Least stress. 😂. Focusing on oneself. Worrying about what you may say about what you are doing 😏. Not having to worry about anyone else when you’re making decisions (parents are exempt). How can this be considered a fault of being by yourself?

Winter would be a bitch if having to spend it alone for life. Rolling over to the cold side of the bed, hoping to feel warmth radiating off of a person who offers an embrace to keep you warm, and realising there is nothing to greet you but freezing cold sheets. It’s not funny when it’s 0 degrees outside and the radiator timer has kicked in and turned off anticipating you’ll be in a deep sleep.

This post wasn’t to promote singledom but more a demonstration that it isn’t something to fear. A lot of people stay in relationships and force it in fear of being alone. I think this is the worst thing to do. This doesn’t allow people to decipher what they actually need and want from their desired relationship. They begin dating people who they are not necessarily attracted to to ensure that they will not be by themselves.

I’ve embraced being alone so enthusiastically that my friends can tell you of times that I’ve disappeared off of the face of the earth. Sometimes I need that time, I need to reform my energy as people can tend to be draining, especially when you care about them, as you put your all into them. I think it’s a skill to know how to benefit from your own company.

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