Sex And It’s Complications

My friend, Gavin, said to write a post which everyone can relate to, I guess these are the posts which everyone wants to see, I respect his opinion as without him a lot of people would have never seen my blog. I usually just go off of how I’m feeling at that specific moment in time, what’s bothering me the most, etc. There are a lot of dark clouds and fog surrounding me and I don’t want to add to the negativity by paying it attention. I’m blessed and that’s all I need to remember.

Sex. Everyone relates to sex right? After speaking with a lot of friends it’s clear to see that a lot of them are only in the situation that they are in right now because of the sex. I’ve always tried to explain to people the importance of the act. Good sex is the work of the devil, it will make you vulnerable, make you give up all of your morals, make you pursue something which has nothing to offer you, in extreme cases it will even lead you to believe that you are headed somewhere even when the other participant has told you otherwise and continues to tell you otherwise.

We assume these traits belong to females because we’re emotional blah blah, but men are also guilty. Sex so good it didn’t seem like such a bad idea to have kids? Sex so good you gave her the key to your flat as though your babymum wouldn’t be there to greet her at the door? Sex so good you dropped your morals and now give head/eat a hot meal everyday? Sex so good you’re just going to pretend she’s not a psycho? Enough of the banter, my point was just that everyone can succumb to the power of good sex.

Why do we use sex as a false sense of promise? We can all relate, that one friend that called you up to complain about the person they are seeing as that person “messed up”. They’re washing their hands of the heathen, never want to see or talk to them again. Two days later you get the follow up phone call, telling you about their rendezvous with the exact same person they’d erased from their lives 3 days ago. How does sex have the power to make you ignore all emotions, all pride, even your own regulations? At what moment did your friend decide it was ok to go back… We sit here and tell ourselves we are in love yet we make a false idol of the person we dream of being with and as long as our sexual partner is doing well in their specific department we shield their behaviours behind the false idol. We are in love with the sex and false image we have drawn that is all.

Men say that they cannot think straight until they ‘buss ah nut’. I think the joy of release has overpowered the participants involved. Ever looked at someone you know and thought how do you get it in like that, you’re not the most attractive, your personality is a little on the dry side, your game is so transparent it’s rude, how do you get it in? Anyone can get sex, that’s what it has become. Sex is no longer glorified and placed on a pedestal this generation has made it very accessible, for as long as you are good at the act you will get attention because all we need is a good sexual partner and an image in our head of our desirable other half.

Congratulations! You can now be an asshole and still have sex all day everyday.



Whoa I’m not the poster child for assholes getting sex. Just had to clear that bad boy up. 😂🙈

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